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Repo info
    anyone know how to fix it/
    or where i shoud add this --debug
    Connor Reaumond
    I noticed in the example, a lot of Android Permissions are requested twice (https://github.com/lwansbrough/react-native-camera/blob/master/Example/android/app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml). Any particular reason for this? Or were those added by mistake.
    Alexey Kuznetsov
    Hello! Is there in react-native-camera any way to change image destination folder?
    Hey guys :)
    Hi guys, my pictures are blurry on IOS, any suggestion for fix it ?
    Chu Viet Hung
    anyone here can help me?
    i try to using react-native-camera with gl react native
    it work well when i capture
    but not realtime filter with video record
    anyone have solution to handle this?
    hey guys, is it possible to set a default zoom factor? thx 4 help
    someone here?
    Jai Mani
    Is anyone using this module in production
    we use it in production
    Jai Mani
    @lhang Thanks for the reply. We are going to finalize this module for production as well.
    Svein Are Grønsund
    @Almjz We use it in production too. 1.0.0-alpha1
    Is anyone else having trouble with the "mirrorImage" prop? It used to work fine but now on React Native 0.48+ and RNCamera 0.10.0 it still mirrors the live camera, but the captured output isn't mirrored. If it's working for you on the latest versions of RN and RNCamera could you please share a sample of your code?
    Any thoughts @lwansbrough ?
    Basheer A Radman
    Thanks @alshamiri2
    krilo max
    Hi, I started using react native camera and as soon as <camera/> rendered, ios app crashes. Does anyone have this problem?
    When I use the camera app I get Cannot read property 'Aspect' of undefined
    I have found threads talking about how to fix it but no one has a definitive answer
    AJ Robertson
    Hi all!
    Din Islam
    does it support runtime permission?
    hello guys
    i need to set location as metadata after i capture an image here is my code snippet
    takePicture() {
    const options = {};
    options.location = this.state.location;
    this.camera.capture({ metadata: options })
    .then((data) => console.log(data))
    .catch(err => console.error(err));
    expected to put location metadata
    but crash everytime i capture
    Hello guys, i've a build problem on ios
    Use of undeclared identifier 'RCTErrorUnspecified' :/
    any idea to solve it ?
    same issue as : lwansbrough/react-native-camera#572
    Hi everyone,, One question please,, I want to know is there any way to make it save taken images in the location(given path) I want?
    Hi! I have tried to include exifinterface but i get the error whatever i do: Could not find com.android.support:exifinterface:26.0.1
    There is a issue on it but there is no solution that works.. anyone knows of a fix for this?
    Guys I am getting error using react-native-camera
    undefined is not an object (evaluating CameraManager.Aspect)
    Viktor Sabo
    hi to all
    Eric Swenson
    flappieh gang or die
    Guillaume Dominici
    Hey guys, what is the relationship between react-native-camera and Camera from expo ? Why two projects ? Is the codebase heavily shared ?
    @gggdomi a quick look at github suggests that is not the case and they are separate codebases.
    if you are using expo, use expo camera, if you aren't, use react-native-camera