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Feb 2016
Kimmo Laine
Feb 04 2016 10:18
Got RN 0.19 finally installed. I've been trying to get it working on Android phone now.. Did a few tweaks just to get it running, but in the end I hit a brick wall and can't get it working. The last line that I can reach is just before CameraManager.capture(options);, but after that it throws me an exception in Chrome console saying "Uncaught TypeError: Converting circular structure to JSON" in debuggerWorker.js line "sendReply(JSON.stringify(returnValue));" - So I don't really know where to go from here. Bottom line: at this moment I can't run it on an actual Android Phone (Moto G). I'll be happy to work with anybody trying to get it working, but I really don't know much about writing Java on Android.
Zack Story
Feb 04 2016 22:19
@GedoonS does the preview display for you on RN 0.19 and only capture is broken?
Bernardo Avancena
Feb 04 2016 23:43
I had mine working on 0.17 but now I'm trying to reapply it in 0.19..
but right now in 0.19 I'm getting undefined is not an object (evaluating 'Camera.constants.Type') for ios
i did the manual install
Bernardo Avancena
Feb 04 2016 23:52
so, apparently it doesn't accept using the obj "constants....", its not "back" only