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Repo info
    Unpermitted parameter: session
    Completed 401 Unauthorized in 231ms (Views: 0.7ms | ActiveRecord: 43.3ms)
    Anyone knows how to solve this issue?
    hey how to receieve a new token for each request in devise_token_auth gem
    Olle Jonsson
    @ashwinimnnit https://github.com/lynndylanhurley/devise_token_auth#about-token-management This section of the README claims that this occurs by default when using devise_token_auth.

    @olleolleolle :

    My concern is that , on first login I have to send email and password for the token so I hit /sign_in ... now to access other apis i need to have a new token ... so which api will give me the new token... as far as i'm concern only /sign_in api provides token ... which takes email and pasword..

    @olleolleolle : I got it :) thnQ
    Valentin Trinqué
    @lynndylanhurley Hi, I wouls lie to use your gem, but I was wondering why there are so many PR and issues "unfixed" ?
    Is this because you don’t have time or because this gem is slightly being unmaintened ?
    Valentin Trinqué
    Hi, I am willing to help maintaining this gem and continue its development as well as managing the issues. There is a bunch of issues we could close and several pull requests that are worth to be looked at and eventually merged. What do you think ? Would you be happy to be backed ?
    I also think it’s time to plan the roadmap depending on the user expectations. There are many good ideas
    Valentin Trinqué
    Is this gem still actively maintained ?
    Ranjan Kathuria

    Hi ,

    I am using devise 3.2.4 and want to expire token on timeout.. there changed my devise firl to
    config.timeout_in = 1.minutes
    config.expire_auth_token_on_timeout = true

    but on timeout my auth token is not expired.

    Is there any way to expire auth token using this gem?

    Kara A Carrell
    Is anyone keeping an eye on this room?
    i'm looking for help with Config between this gem and cancancan
    Daniel Agbanyim
    Hello, is it possible to style devise with material-ui?
    Austin Crane
    @Ifegwu are you talking about the devise views for a regular devise install? (Not devise token auth) in that case you can generate the devise views and update the CSS to fit your material design needs
    Daniel Agbanyim
    Thanks @AustinMCrane, I am looking for a way to use material-ui to style devise to achieve uniformity in my application.
    Hi! I posted this question on stackoverflow about devise token auth and missing Set-token header in successfull sign_in responses
    If someone can help me I'll be very grateful
    nevermind sorry, I read deeper the documentation and found the problem
    (related to CORD)
    2 days later x)
    Fernando Contreras
    someone resolves the 401 error?
    Pete Doherty
    does anyone have experience using this gem in conjunction with 2FA (via Authy)?
    James Huang
    Hello, I was wondering if the library redux-auth will still be maintained? it works very well with devise_token_auth for previous version but a lot has change since (react-router-v4, react16, semantic-ui)
    Pete Doherty
    Does anyone have experience overridding password_required?? I've found myself in a bit of a catch-22 in my attempt to do so.
    Enmanuel Chirinos
    Hi everyone
    How can I work with this and emberjs frontend?
    Rails api of course
    Kaustav Chakraborty
    Hi, is there a way where I can authenticate my account using username than email?
    im a little confused. am i supposed to implement routes for :provider/callback
    H. Can Yıldırım
    Hi, anyone using this gem with rails 5.2.0? I have this error: lynndylanhurley/devise_token_auth#1079
    hi guys
    can i disable the password in the signup process ?
    Lassiter Gregg
    hey, my access-token is returning '' each time with default settings. It sounded like according to the docs it would auto send a new auth token each time. Am I missing something?
    Lassiter Gregg
    [17] pry(#<API::V1::FamiliesController>)> request.headers.env["HTTP_CLIENT"] => "A4pfoZ0da4ZwT0ceijKRTg" [18] pry(#<API::V1::FamiliesController>)> response.headers => {"Content-Type"=>"application/json; charset=utf-8"} [19] pry(#<API::V1::FamiliesController>)> response.headers["access-token"] => nil
    Donavin Northrup
    When I worked with this a year ago I thought I recall a help doc showing payloads/workflows but I can't find it - Everything links to the new 'Enhance Doc' which doesn't contain the useful info (Unless I'm missing something.) - Anyone know where the old docs went?
    Donavin Northrup
    Doesn't resolve my issue - for some reason the /profile endpoint doesn't exist, but it does in all my older projects. Anyone know why?
    Arjun Ray
    hey y'all, any idea how to set up reconfirmable to trigger changes in confirmed User fields and mailer send on email changes for users?
    Hello everyone, is it is security issue that devise allows you to change email ( which is your username?). The rails app I am on does not allow you to clobber an existing emails -- but I wanted to be sure?
    Eduardo Cruz
    Hi guys!, I'm trying to get the access-token from the headers, but is marked as undefine
    Eduardo Cruz
    I'm working in react-rails
    Eduardo Cruz
    Sorry It was my CORS configuration XD!