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Repo info
Michael Schurter
some API changes in that PR that i think are good. all are welcome to comment
Asaduzzaman Pavel
i was wondering why metafora using deprecated etcd client?
Eric Sniff
@k1ng440 Short answer, we're focused on maintaining other solutions at this time and no one has taken the time to update it.
Long Answer: internally at Lytics we've moving away from Metafora in favor of https://github.com/lytics/grid w/ Kubernetes. Metafora was great until we started getting huge numbers of tasks each with different memory and cpu requirements. Metafora uses a task stealing method of scheduling, so it works best when all tasks are equal. Now we use grid's leader actor w/ a scheduler (to be open sourced in the future), that allows us to orchestrate which tasks land on which nodes and do more bin-packing. We were able to use Metafora for many years, so it's still a good approach. If you want to submit a patch to update the client, I'm happy to review and test it.
Eric Sniff
@k1ng440 So we've decided we are going to continue to maintain metafora. This PR will add support for etcdv3: https://github.com/lytics/metafora/pull/160/files