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R. van Twisk
Ahhh sweet... I have the version with BMP280... will check what I have then
R. van Twisk
No expansion module in the thing, so I will order it... idea is to use a ESP8266 to send them over WIFI... oversight on my end that the device only supports Android and I have iOS devices..
Hi :-) I'm new to SoftRf but I managed to flash my T Beam ... I just want to know if it is possible to adjust the output TX Power over the 25mW limit. Where is it set? does it come frome the libaries?
Domantas Petrauskas
@rvt You are absolutely right, Meshtastic changes the GPS baud rate to 4800 (old code).
Recently they changed that and now are using 9600
R. van Twisk
@martinus1magnus there is a limit for regulatory purpose, please not not change power output beyond what is legally allowed in your country. you could also possible mess-up communications of other devices..
Linar Yusupov

SoftRF WebTop USB (USB to Wi-Fi adapter)

R. van Twisk
will check that out
R. van Twisk
Do you think it's also possible to setup a serial link using bluetooth? I have tried using a serial monitor on linux, but couldn't make it work yet.... Else I will take the extension board route you mentioned before
R. van Twisk
For the t-echo imchanged the code so i can change the protocol with the touch button , me is happy :)
I received a T-Beam board from Lilygo with SoftRF preinstalled‚ but it is configured for 868Mhz instead of 915. Lilygo Rep is saying I need to update the Utility.h file and flash the firmware to correct it (besides adding a 915Mhz antenna). Will the frequency selection in SoftRF webUI not work?
R. van Twisk
On terminal I see Pressure = 101748.47 Pa just the terminal seems incorrect...

Hi, I am compiling SoftRF for T-Echo first time and getting these errors. What am I doing wrong?
Arduino IDE 1.8.19
Board: Adafruit Feather nRF52840 Express
Soft device:S140 6.1.1
Programmer:Bootloader DFU for Bluefruit nRF52

WARNING: library arduino-NVM claims to run on nRF5, nRF52832, nRF51822 architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on nrf52 architecture(s).
WARNING: library PCF8563_Library claims to run on esp32 architecture(s) and may be incompatible with your current board which runs on nrf52 architecture(s).
In file included from \Arduino\libraries\arduino-NVM\src/NVRAM.h:21,
from \Arduino\libraries\arduino-NVM\src/EEPROM.h:25,
from s\Arduino\SoftRF\src\driver\EEPROM.h:33,
from \Arduino\SoftRF\src\driver\LED.h:24,
from \Arduino\SoftRF\SoftRF.ino:80:
\Arduino\libraries\arduino-NVM\src/Flash.h:70:2: warning: #warning "Unknown platform. Please check the code." [-Wcpp]
70 | #warning "Unknown platform. Please check the code."

from \Arduino\SoftRF\SoftRF.ino:86:
\arduino\libraries\mavlink\include\mavlink\v1.0\mavlink_helpers.h: In function 'uint16_t mavlink_finalize_message_chan(mavlink_message_t*, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t, uint8_t)':
\arduino\libraries\mavlink\include\mavlink\v1.0\mavlink_helpers.h:86:24: warning: taking address of packed member of '__mavlink_message' may result in an unaligned pointer value [-Waddress-of-packed-member]
86 | crc_accumulate_buffer(&msg->checksum, _MAV_PAYLOAD(msg), msg->len);

R. van Twisk
They are warnings, I see them aswell and so far I have not seen any issues so I currently assume that it's just libraries setting library.properties and we use them anyways because they work... Just guessing here..
For example I see in Arduino-NVM architectures=nRF5,nRF52832,nRF51822 where we are trying to run on nRF52 and it's not in the list if architectures..
Domantas Petrauskas
Hi! I tested T-Echo 868MHz a couple of times now and it displays only OGN gliders, FLARM gliders are missing. Protocol is set to OGNTP (I assume this controls the transmit protocol, right?), NMEA Legacy is ON. What am I doing wrong?
You need to set the TX protocol to "LEGACY" so that you also receive FLARM gliders.
Domantas Petrauskas
If I set the protocol to Legacy, now I see only Flarm gliders. Is it not possible to see both OGN and Flarm at the same time?
i don’t believe it is: softrf does not decode several protocols simultaneously
Sasa Mihajlovic
Has anyone tried to connect T-Beam which in BT-LE mode with Xcsoar-v7.23 on Andorid? When I try to set up a device it tells me "Unsupported Bluetooth device". When I try with older Xcsoar 6.x versions the BT-LE connection works normally. The latest version of the LK8000 as well as the TopHat work OK in BT-LE mode.
Am trying to install SoftRF V1.1 but although the zip file says 1.1 the binaries say 1.0 and when I do the webupdate is also says 1.0. Softrf.h has "SOFTRF_FIRMWARE_VERSION" set 1.1 so it looks like the source code may be 1.1 but the binaries are 1.0? I haven't tried compiling the sourcecode yet.
Hi, I've tried many firmware versions and settings but my device is not able to receive any "Rx packages". It's sending all the time when it's turned on and other gliders see me on their Flarm radar but I can't see or receive any. Do you have any idea what I'm doing wrong or may my device could be broken?
R. van Twisk
what protocol did you select?
Hi there! Please, do you have an experience with connecting SoftRF Dongle edition with XCSoar. I have T-Motion linked with WebTop Serial WiFi v1.0 adapter. When open I don't see any packets etc. (see photos). Wifi connection is stable, I have tried to change UPD, serial, AUX Main but it did not help. I use both 1.1 firmware versions. Thank you in advance for any help.
Linar Yusupov
1 reply
Linar Yusupov

Invalid Rx and Tx wiring. See the right one on the illustration above.


2 replies
R. van Twisk
ANybody happen to know why GNRMC has milliseconds always to 0? For example : $GNRMC,201903.000,A....
3 replies
R. van Twisk

Is there a way to reduce the gps lock time for ttgo tbeam. My tbeams take very long time wven when placed in open sky with battery fully charged, no case. The time sometimes is more than 30 minutes. I am trying to replace the antenna too.

Does the button cell on tbeam used in siftrf to store last location or assist in getting gps lock on boot up

Linar Yusupov
Ok i will check the resistance

I checked the resistance and connectors

Is there a pin defined that I can check the gps data from, like in code For ver 1.1 which pin softrf uses for gps data

My Tbeams have R38 = 22R ! Maybe it was confused with R37 during manufacture, which is a 22uH inductor in fact (near zero ohms). My samples take a very long time (10min plus) to "unlock". I will replace R38 with 100R and report...
Hello all,
I'm a glider pilot at LFNZ :) experimenting with SoftRF on a standalone hardware (bin is working just fine)
I'm trying to recompile the softRf code for the MCU using Arduino 1.8.9 and I encounter many errors with nmealib.
I found a request on this error by @mteuschler dated Aug 23 2021 11:05, but could find a possible answer.
error example : local.h:41:37: error: expected ')' before '(' token
41 | int _EXFUN (tzcalc_limits, (int year));
Is there something I have missed ?
Thanks for your advice.
Hi guys, if I have 2 TTGo T-Beam, can I put one in a rocket to send gps and pressure data via LoRa to the other T-Beam ground control? Cheers!
Hi @lyusupov
Thank you for a great work you do.
I am struggling to get AXP2101 working well in terms of
1) battery charge (vbat voltage limit and charge current)
2) The AXP2101 switch on by itself after i switched it off.
I believe i will find the issues by myself just need time.
But what i found in your library should be changed (if i am not wrong):
typedef enum __xpowers_axp2101_chg_vol {
XPOWERS_AXP2101_CHG_VOL_4V = 1, // =1 must be added
} xpowers_axp2101_chg_vol_t;
Linar Yusupov
I tried the expansion module in my ttgo badge and got the serial port running. But so far I got no success with the BARO or IMU. I tested the BM280 module and it works in an other setup. Any suggestions for trouble shooting?
I have 2 LilyGO T-Echos (BME280 version) that I flashed with (SoftRF-firmware-v1.1-nRF52.uf2) using the bootloader. When set to legacy protocol at 915MHz (US) they can receive FLARM gliders and indicate the correct position of those gliders, however when they see the other T-Echo unit they report positions about 200 nautical miles apart. It looks like the hardware is working correctly as the gps position that each unit is reporting for itself over the USB port is correct, and when set to OGN protocol they report their positions to each other correctly. FLARM gliders can not see the T-Echo in legacy mode. I suspect the position data may be being encoded incorrectly when they transmit. Has anyone else seen this behavior in legacy mode?
Linar Yusupov
lyusupov/SoftRF@d71d079 or later
@lyusupov Thanks for the update, and thank you for developing SoftRF, we're planning on using it on a number of gliders in our club!
in my learning curve, I have been able to successfully built a bin for our "standalone" version (NODEMCU), all is ok but the sound ! GPIO10 reacts once at Sound_setup() level but remains static with my code. When using nodemcu SoftRF-firmware-v1.0.bin, sound works well, so hardware and soldering is OK. When loading SoftRF-firmware-v1.1.bin nothing works. I have read that to use GPIO10 as GPIO, it requires DIO mode to be set (and flash should be compatible which apparently is my case).
I load all codes with ESP8266Flasher.exe in DIO mode. Is there any compilation or preferences.txt or boards settings I should use ?
SoftRF-firmware-v1.0.bin = > sound OK - all OK
SoftRF-firmware-v1.1.bin = > no startup console says: 11:24:50.657 -> ets Jan 8 2013,rst cause:2, boot mode:(1,6)
my_compilation.bin = > sound KO - all the rest is OK
We also have a successful TTGO + Skyview version working fine in our K6 glider. We just need to have the speaker properly set. We ended up using the serial link between modules as wifi was too unstable.
"Standalone" prototype has been tuned with a TCXO, as NRF905 frequencies were measured up to 80kHz away from center freq.
Thanks again for this nice development.
Have nice flights
Hi i am getting the following when I try to upload the softrf to the T beam board which has an older version of Softrf and was trying to update it to the newest it is rc6 so the other method doesn't work thanks in advance