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Nov 2015
Michael Haberler
Nov 28 2015 15:29

currently I'm receiving these mails - any suggestion how to treat them? I could possibly bounce them to a group or an archive?

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Von: Travis CI
Datum: 28. November 2015 um 15:24:21 MEZ
Betreff: Passed: machinekit/machinekit#2 (master - b8fb2dd)

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Merge pull request #801 from bobvanderlinden/travis-tests

added TravisCI instructions for regression tests

GP Orcullo
Nov 28 2015 15:34
We will modify the notifications
Can we create a sort of an email forwarder? i.e. Email one address and it will forward it to list of adresses?
The yml has an option to specify which address to send to but i don't want to share it publicly
Bas de Bruijn
Nov 28 2015 17:56
@kinsamanka @bobvanderlinden would you want the results in a table like format? like this ?
Bas de Bruijn
Nov 28 2015 21:05
I was more thinking on the different platforms, arm, 65 bit, etc. but that’s a trivial compared to the success you guys have, let’s forget my remark for now. that will come sometimes in the future.
GP Orcullo
Nov 28 2015 21:10
I think @bobvanderlinden can easily handle what you need :grinning: