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Jun 2016
Jun 29 2016 10:42
Hmmm... what was trick for "make[1]: Warning: File 'depends/xenomai/rtapi/xenomai.d' has modification time 12871 s in the future" kind of warnings ? when building machinekit?
I know @mhaberler already answered me this but I forgot :( and search in gitter not working for me... :(
I am about to recompile control.c to add additional info when getting joint following error
Michael Haberler
Jun 29 2016 10:43
clock settings.
Jun 29 2016 10:44
ntp synchronisation ?
ah yes
I took latest debian jessie to my bbb yesterday
thanks for hint...
Jun 29 2016 11:56

OK, running simulation again with:

FERROR =     1

on all axes - I could not reproduce joint following error... hmm... i moved to jessie bbb image of machinekit... its hard to tell what automagically fixed with this...

I hope it will stay like that :)