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Jul 2016
Alexander Rössler
Jul 22 2016 04:59
Not exactly sure what you mean, but the index value indicates the list index which 0 for the x axis.
Jul 22 2016 07:57
Hi Alex, as suggested by Michael i posted q to group and got immediate reply from @mhaberler . Turns out protobuf stubs have .has* methods that allows for knowing if some field is present or not.
It works as it is supposed to. Thank you.
(field present in message)
Jul 22 2016 15:32
Hi, maybe this is somewhere documented, but I could not find it - tried searching - Is there a away to trigger MT_EMCSTAT_FULL_UPDATE ?
Michael Haberler
Jul 22 2016 18:50
unsubscribe, then re-subscribe - will cause full update
Jul 22 2016 21:13

OK, did that - I am trying to use G92 command like this:

23:07:14 G92 X0.000 Y25.000 Z4.000
and I am getting:

and then doing unsubscribe & subscribe - I see the actual positions of x,y and z stays at 0... Hmm I hope it is not silly question again - but - what am I missing this time? :)

Jul 22 2016 21:22
on output from console I get:
process command called, id: ['56E58679-B43F81A0']
Issuing EMC_TASK_PLAN_EXECUTE --         (+509,+268,   +22,G92\032X0.000\032Y25.000\032Z4.000,)
emcTaskPlanLevel() returned 0
NML_INTERP_LIST::append(nml_msg_ptr{size=144,type=EMC_TRAJ_SET_G92}) : list_size=1, line_number=0
emcTaskPlanExecute(G92 X0.000 Y25.000 Z4.000) returned 0
emcTaskPlanLevel() returned 0
Issuing EMC_TRAJ_SET_G92 --      (+227,+144,    +0,0.000000,-25.000000,-4.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,0.000000,)
mdi_execute_hook: MDI command 'G92 X0.000 Y25.000 Z4.000' done (remaining: 0)
waiting for command #32from ['56E58679-B43F81A0'] to complete
D: 16-07-04 20:44:39 [017] 56E58679-B43F81A0
D: 16-07-04 20:44:39 [003] 08D201
handle_command_input: req=type: MT_PING

send_pbcontainer: type: MT_PING_ACKNOWLEDGE
uuid: "\340o\337\222B\'\021\346\267\245TJ\026\305\320 "

command #32 from ['56E58679-B43F81A0'] completed
sending task message
sending interp message
D: 16-07-04 20:44:41 [017] 56E58679-B43F81A0
D: 16-07-04 20:44:41 [003] 08D201
Jul 22 2016 23:08
ugh... sorry - ignore my last issue - seems to work just fine....