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Jul 2016
Bas de Bruijn
Jul 27 2016 06:29 UTC
@burdickjp you would probably start with this configuration lineardelta.hal and lineardelta.ini, like here: and modify to your needs. @strahlex has a complete python setup which I’m not familiar with.
(that is to say the setup in itself)
Jeffrey Burdick
Jul 27 2016 20:01 UTC
@luminize Thank you! I'm familiar with setting up LinuxCNC hardware. I have a Sieg KX3 running on LinuxCNC. I'm curious what features are available through Machinekit, and how they compare to Marlin or Sailfish.
Bas de Bruijn
Jul 27 2016 20:46 UTC
@burdickjp w.r.t. arduino firmware, the calibrating is a tad different. This unfindable link might be some help (esp setting home switch offsets and delta radius)
Here is also a more recent link to fdm related stuff @strahlex has been working on
I think all features are available, some might be tad different. Been a while since I looked at Marlin/repetier. No temp PID autotube, no auto bed leveling (instead do a proper build is my take).