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Oct 2016
Oct 12 2016 04:03
Anyone around to help a newb out?
Having trouble with the install on an old x86 box...
I have Debian Jesse on there, and I built and installed kernel: 3.18.42-rt45
3.18.42-rt45-rc1 that is
I made it through compiling machinekit from git
yet I get "/home/evanmj/machinekit/libexec/rtapi_app_posix: No such file or directory"
(when I run latency-test)
so, it seems like it is looking for the posix flavor maybe?
I installed with debian/configure -r
and I have libexec/rtapi_app_rt-preempt
thanks for any advice.
Oct 12 2016 04:08
Oct 12 2016 06:33
Try configure -rp if it says posix folder is missing.
Not sure if posix p option is mandatory
Oct 12 2016 14:14
Thanks, I'll give it a shot. I don't want it to run in soft real time though, so hopefully it won't make it do that...
Oct 12 2016 16:46
No go :( It seems to still want to run the posix flavor, but it is not installed
I'm also missing the expected RT_PREMPT in the uname output
evanmj@machinekit:~/machinekit/src$ uname -a
Linux machinekit 3.18.42-rt45 #1 SMP Tue Oct 11 00:07:22 CDT 2016 i686 GNU/Linux
Did I not get the RT Patch applied properly?
Oct 12 2016 17:38
I might have gotten it worked out... starting new 4.5 hour kernel compile now.
If this fixes it, I will PR the (possible) documentation change needed.