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Oct 2016
Oct 13 2016 02:05
Ah, it fixed it.
newer kernels, you have to go in and select the preemption level prior to compliation
Oct 13 2016 05:30
Oct 13 2016 13:16

If I want to raise max velocity for "axis 0" - is it only thing I need to change hpg.stepgen.00.maxvel or also some another parameter / signal?
I miss signals/parameters from [TRAJ] section of ini... Do I need to do that from haltalk instead through linking my pins to velocity pins?
How I do it now: I have custom parameter for max velocity for 0 axis and then this variable is linked to hpg.stepgen.00.maxvel like this:

newpin myini  myini.maxvel_0          float out 
newpin myini  myini.maxvel_0          float out

it seems this doesn't work all through since I am getting joint following error after setting hpg.stepgen.00.maxvel in that way...