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Mar 2017
Mar 31 2017 18:58
Thank you @luminize
With my plasma beaglebone setup I now experience problem because - if I leave plasma machine turned on - the signal for plasma start is turned on if I restart beaglebone - this is very annoying and more than that - it's dangerous...
I need to define pin state on beaglebone restart... is .dts file right spot to do that ?
Bas de Bruijn
Mar 31 2017 20:47
I have not enough knowledge of that, re beaglebone, pins and .dts
You should do this with a proper safety relay. Not with software and pins
Mar 31 2017 20:50
ok but - pin on cramps should be pulled low or high - I dont remember really...
You use cramps right ?
I mean on cramps - those pins are .. (need to check schematics on wiki) ...
They seemed to be pulled high
Mar 31 2017 21:05
I am using SCK for plasma start signal...