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Dec 2017
Martin Bertsche
Dec 28 2017 13:05
Hi, it seems there are restrictions for the characters used in the path to the *.ini file when using the zeroconf remote GUIs. I had an underscore in my path like so "~/machinekit/configs/my_config/config.ini". When I was selecting my launcher in the machinekit-client it almost immediately crashed saying "returned with exit code 1" and nothing got written to "/var/log/linuxcnc.log". The problem went away as soon as I replaced my_config with my.config and adjusted the path in My launcher.ini and both reside in "~/". Is this a problem of the machinekit.launcher module?
Alexander Rössler
Dec 28 2017 15:54
@everclear72216 Could also be related to qtquickvcp/QtQuickVcp#28
Okay, probably not. Very likely either a problem in mklauncher or the machinekit/linuxcnc script.
Anyway, can you please report this issue here: