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Jan 2018
Dipl.-Ing. Raoul Rubien, BSc
Jan 08 2018 19:34

Hi all! Regarding jog dial XHC WHB04B-6 [1] (an advanced version of WHB04): Finally I had good progress in programming the HAL component for that jog dial. It is almost done, but the jog dial could work more intuitive. Thus I need help for connecting the jog-dial's signals correctly: counts, increment, decrement, step, ... So far the signals have been connected to axis.N.jog-*. This works fine in step-mode jogging but when it comes to MPG mode or CONTINUOUS mode (velocity mode) I face problems. I think the main problem is that - I am sure - my understanding of MPG, STEP, CONTINUOUS (or velocity) modes is limited or wrong. I appreciate anybody's feedback!

In short: How can the maximum velocity of all axis be set (halui.max-velocity.value float out)?

What I did so far: The jog dial was connected to halui.jog-speed and halui.jog.* but the result was a jerking axis move, thus the signals have been moved to axis.N.jog-*. Besides of that, the jog dial delivers jog-counts, which cannot be directly connected to halui.jog (there is no halui.jog.counts).

What it is now: With the jog counts connected to axis.N.jog-counts this works fine in STEP mode but in CONTINUOUS mode the WHB04B-6 shows a percentage value for the speed (2%, 5%, 10%, 30%, 60% 100%). Thus I thought the axis.N.jog-vel-mode should be TRUE, have a constant and wide step scale of i.e. axis.N.jog-scale=2 and the machine's max-velocity should be set to the percentage value (i.e. if 60% then halui.max-velocity.value = 0.6 * axis_max_velocity). This is the crux, where can a maximum velocity halui.max-velocity.value be set?

And finally: What should the MPG mode behave exactly? I feel confused by the Chinese package leaflet [2]. It says: "MPG button - press the button,Hand wheel into Continuous mode. Step button -press the button,Hand wheel into Step mode." But the display is able to show three modes MPG, STEP and CONT, see [3].