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Jan 2015
Beard of War
Jan 09 2015 14:40
yeah that made me re-read @kixxauth’s response about multiple instances associated to the same key…even if that is the case it shouldnt matter since it was up the user to define a unique key name
Beard of War
Jan 09 2015 16:02
@liorch88 @kixxauth ive updated #106
Lior Chen
Jan 09 2015 17:32
I see that in the updated PR you've added a call to getCacheKey before each method call to create the key. But why is this needed? I mean, all the methods call this method internally anyway. Am I missing something?
Beard of War
Jan 09 2015 18:28
only on a few methods that require the key to do its job
the internal get and clear depend on a key, not an instance