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Repo info
    Hi, is there any way to show magento's core data in a custom grid , i want to show order's data with applied filter in a custom grid
    Eliza D
    Hi Anybody to help me finish an extension integration ?
    2 who knows how to override registration page with custom design ?
    Szabolcs Kelemen
    Hello, Anyone ever received "Could not save Tier Prices." and "Could not save Prices." errors from the rest api (seemingly) randomly? It works most of the time, but sometimes I get these errors when I update the prices using the api (in batches). This drives my crazy. I checked the exception and system log, but they are empty. The returned error message does not contain anything else.
    Osiozekhai Aliu
    if you are working with docker and need a performant, reusable Docker Stack for local and live Enviroment.
    You need to check out this stack
    (Nginx(Pagespeed), MariaDB, PHP 7, Redis, Elasticsearch, Mailhog, Watchtower) with the containers preconfigured
    Other Question:
    Is someone looking for a freelance Magento 1&2 Developer?
    My Corona Holidays were long enough :-)
    Eduardo G. Silva
    i am using https://github.com/markshust/docker-magento for magento and docker and it is super cool also have a full free tutorial that shows all you need to have the env up and running
    Damien Retzinger
    @aliuosio What separates your env from Mark's repo, or https://github.com/graycoreio/mage2docker?
    1 reply
    Silas Rosenskjold
    Anyone encounter something like this before. The last change I made was enabling and then disabling inline translation
    Hi All. I've created an end point in webapi.xml and got everything working for the anonymous resource. I'm also able to get and store the admin token. The problem however is that I have something that submits data from browser using AJAX to the end point and I can not for the life of me get the admin token to authenticate. I can however do it with cURL. Is there some distinction between making requests from the browser for authenticating? I'm definitely set up for ACL too
    Hüseyin Demirci
    hello i am new at magento specially for magento 2.3.5. currently i try to install magento235 with sample data but i failed when i try composer update
    the error message tells me
    i did not change anything on the composer.json
    Hüseyin Demirci
    lol with sudo it works
    Hüseyin Demirci
    where can i find the recommendations in magento 2.3.5
    Hi guys, I have a problem in filtering the products by a custom SQL query, Actually, I'm using AmastyElasticSearch plugin, and when I change the driver from MySQL to ElasticSearch, then There will be fewer products in the page than what is supposed to be. so if I put the limiter/per-page to 24 and check the customer filter then I'm seeing 19 records per page. I know that I should write my SQL query into IndexBuilder, But this is working only if you have selected mysql driver for the AmastyElastiSearch, Can anyone help me with this problem?
    Liam Mitchell
    How can I create/update products, customers and categories as well as upload images for products using the Bulk API?
    I have not seen any examples for dealing with categories or images of products/categories.
    Hüseyin Demirci
    hello someone here who can tell me why my purchased extension is not listed at my extension manager?
    i already entered my public und private key to connect with the magento marketplace
    did i forgot something?
    Hüseyin Demirci
    is no one online?
    Hi everyone, Can anyone share their perspective on why project issues are discussed here in Gitter instead of under the comments section of the issue report in the GitHub issue tracker?
    Liam Mitchell
    Are there actually Magento 2 developers in here? Chat seems dead.
    How can I get status on an internal magento ticket/issue? (MAGETWO-81741)
    It has been an issue since 2016 or longer to do with saving product options/attributes.
    @LiamKarlMitchell I guess the community has moved to Slack
    Kaviarasan Karthick
    Hi i am creating the theme in magento 2 how to make the install block automatically
    please help
    Mark Lopez
    What do you guys think of Vue Storefront?
    Is it good to use it as a Magento frontend?
    No issues with ordering, etc?
    Mark Lopez
    How can I hide product images for people who have not logged in to my Magento site?
    It looks like the community really did migrate to Slack.
    Liam Mitchell
    Seems like it, Vue Storefront looks nice but have not tried it personally yet.
    You might need a module to hide images, it is possible to hide the entire site if not logged in
    You could follow that but modify slightly instead of editing the addtocart.phtml template do it for the module-catalog/view/frontend/templates/product/gallery.phtml ?
    https://mage2gen.com/ can be helpful if you are wanting to make own modules to get a lot of the boilerplate stuff out of the way...
    Abdelkarim Mateos 🕋☪🇪🇸

    Hi. Any body know problem about install data-example in 2.4.0 ?
    I get all times this error

    Unable to apply data patch Magento\CatalogSampleData\Setup\Patch\Data\InstallCatalogSampleData for module Magento_CatalogSampleData. Original exception message: Rolled back transaction has not been completed correctly.

    My sistem is Local 5.4.0-42-generic #46-Ubuntu PHP 7.4.9 MySQL 8.0.21 Nginx PHP-FPM ElastiSearch 7.9.0


    Unable to apply data patch Magento\CatalogSampleData\Setup\Patch\Data\InstallCatalogSampleData for module Magento_CatalogSampleData. Original exception message: Rolled back transaction has not been completed correctly.

    I am getting above error while installing sample data using composer

    @abkrimms_twitter - Did you get anything , Magento_CatalogSampleData error ?
    The issue is resolved - i used 2.3.5-p1 version to install magento using Composer
    Do Anyone need Magento Support. Let me know
    Hello everyone, can you tell me does exists integration between elasticsearch and magento? I would like to use elasticsearch as database for magento instead of MySQL.
    Hello all, I am new to Magento, wondering if anyone knows a good extension to manage inventory. I have my distributors inventory data (TXT and CSV files) being synced to my server every 5 minutes. I want to import them into my Magento store. Thanks!
    SOrry i should have specified this is magento 2.4
    Ananth Iyer
    What is the format of the CSV file
    Ananth Iyer
    @jeffjarratt if the format is similar then you can do it from Magento import
    hi all.. I'm trying to get a stock quantity for a collection of products? What is the most optimal way? Loading stockItem for each product?