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is mail boxer is compatible with rails5 , if so how to integrate ?
@amazing-jay About the question on metadata, did you figure that out? I am trying to find the same
Cezar Halmagean
Hey guys, does it make sense to use mailboxer as a public commenting system? An alternative to Disqus.
Or do you have any other recommendations?
Aadesh Shrestha
Can mailboxer be used for system having two user models
Alex McLintock
@aadeshere1 : I am only just starting to use mailboxer but I see from the documentation that you can have two user models. See the section on "Preparing your models"
Alex McLintock
@chalmagean_twitter: I don't really think that is what mailboxer is for. I would expect there are better comments systems out there.
Aadesh Shrestha
@alexmc6 thanks. I'll take a look once. I'm still stuck on it.
Ben Briggs

Hi guys, I'm wondering how I can preview Mailboxer emails using Rails' email preview functionality? I'm not too sure on how to handle this. :)

# spec/mailers/previews/devise/mailer_preview.rb
class Devise::MailerPreview < ActionMailer::Preview

  def confirmation_instructions
    Devise::Mailer.confirmation_instructions(User.first, "faketoken")

  def reset_password_instructions
    Devise::Mailer.reset_password_instructions(User.first, "faketoken")

^ this would be how I would do it with Devise

but not able to implement attachement with the mailboxer
is there any tutorail to add attachement with the mails using mailboxer
Stuart Alexander
I've disabled email notifications via config.uses_emails = false so that I can handle delivery in batches. Is it possible to turn this on for a single request? Sometimes I want to email, and sometimes I don't?
Punita Ojha
This message was deleted
Derek J Lin
hmm has anyone here ever tried mailboxer with angularjs
Goran Josic
Hi there
I have issues with the replaying to messages
I can send a message
but when I try reply to a conversation
Marvin Kang'ethe
Hi guys, Is it possible to have more than 2 parameters in the reply_to_conversation method?
sent message don't show in receipients inbox i don't know why
sent message don't show in receipients inbox i don't know why https://gist.github.com/mices/99cd164ea127f3bf2a2da56634ae3d7f
What's the best mailboxer example to follow? I followed https://www.sitepoint.com/messaging-rails-mailboxer/ I threw this into my app but sent messages, as said in my previous message don't appear in the recipients inbox and the insert to mailboxer_receipts shows the receiver_id the same as the sender, although the message doesn't appear in the senders inbox, it appears in the senders sent box I dunno if this is the reason messages don't appear in inbox's While the sitepoint example uses the messages_controller to create a new conversation other examples I've found use the conversations_controller, are a little more complex, different in some ways, less appealing than the sitepoint example
whoa! I can't believe this chat exists
I was able to install and implement the mailboxer gem. Yay!
Now I'm trying to do something slightly different. Instead of having a form where i can select the user, I want the User to already be selected
ie, i want to go to an User profile and click a message that says "Message User" with a modal pop up
i got the modal to work. And the body/subject seem to go through. But the Recipient ID always stays at 1 and then the message doesn't go through
Youssef Meskini
Hello :)
hey can anyone point me to a good tutorial to get mailboxer up and running for rails 5? preferably using clearance gem for user. Thanks!
@mirmulk this one worked like a charm. Took me about 30 minutes to implement
but there's nothing about the clearance gem
Shrinath Aithal
Hello group, can someone please help me where can I find AWS SES integration for this awesome gem?
Please can someone give a clue on how to define the recipient of mailboxer to @user of the page they are on. I dont want the user to select who to message.. i just want a current_user visiting a users page having signed in would just go into the compose box make a msg and hit sends it goes strait to the @user of the page that the msg was typed.. Did anyone get my question please?
<%= f.select(:recipients, User.all.collect {|p| [ p.name, p.id ] }, {}, { multiple: true , class: "form-control" })%> Instead of looping through this i would like to c a functionality to enable current user message another User on that user page that i have created without having to select any user.
i've been having message come up nill in conversations show
i'm getting a nil value for receipt.message in conversations#show

Hi guys,

I'm trying to make a filter on activeadmin for messages that will filter all messages where recipient is ID_HERE.

What's the best way to search all messages by recipient?

Can you assign or create additional mailboxes besides inbox, sent and trash? For example, unread or closed
Can anyone direct me to a few good tutorial on mailboxes? Any good documentation? I have not found much.
Is this an active forum/chat room?
What's the purpose of this code method - def mailboxer_name

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Rick Graham

Hey mailboxers! im setting things up but running into a snag...

I am getting:
Invalid single-table inheritance type: Mailboxer::Message is not a subclass of Mailboxer::Message

when ever i call:
receipts or conversations

see that the type of the message is being set to Mailboxer::Message automagically...what am I missing?

Rick Graham
I added a model that inherits from class Message < Mailboxer::Message but now my receipt contains no message_id