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    RobertoFresca on master

    igspoker.cpp: Fixed inputs to c… (compare)

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    RobertoFresca on master

    igspoker.cpp: Workaround to fix… (compare)

  • Sep 20 20:22
    DavidHaywood synchronize #5673
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    DavidHaywood synchronize #5673
  • Sep 20 19:02

    cracyc on master

    hiscore.dat: fix set renames (n… (compare)

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    DavidHaywood opened #5673
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    cglmrfreeman opened #5672
  • Sep 20 17:31

    angelosa on master

    archimds.cpp: fixed off by 16 s… (compare)

  • Sep 20 15:40

    p1pkin on master

    cps3.cpp: replaced color DMA fa… (compare)

  • Sep 20 15:12

    ajrhacker on master

    acorn_vidc: All right, move thi… (compare)

  • Sep 20 15:04
    cuavas commented on 0917a72
  • Sep 20 15:02

    ajrhacker on master

    aa310: Fix catastrophic configu… (compare)

  • Sep 20 14:51

    ajrhacker on master

    acorn_vidc: Internalize palette… (compare)

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    ajrhacker on master

    acorn_vidc: Move to src/devices… (compare)

  • Sep 20 13:38

    angelosa on arc_vidc


  • Sep 20 13:38

    angelosa on master

    Rewritten Acorn VIDC10 into ow… (compare)

  • Sep 20 13:38
    angelosa closed #5671
  • Sep 20 13:27
    angelosa opened #5671
  • Sep 20 13:20

    angelosa on arc_vidc

    Added stereo image support, cle… Don't need to refresh all 8 reg… (compare)

  • Sep 20 13:14

    Robbbert on master

    (nw) dfi386: fixed rom loading (compare)

Anders Lindén
Oh, its an own github project
Anders Lindén
Getting blind hits searching with mame64.exe :(
And the rom I was searching for was not even in the list
Nigel Barnes
merged roms?
Anders Lindén
How are they merged?
I don´t know if the ROM is qualifying as merged
Nigel Barnes
is your romset merged, ie. each zip contains parent and clones?
what are you trying to run?
Anders Lindén
Sorry, I misspelled the name, it was searchable
There can only be a maximum number of search hits using mame64.exe, right?
Nigel Barnes
dunno, but it will only show what you have roms for
Anders Lindén
What I meant is that there seems to be a limit on how many search hits that will show up
I downloaded mamepgui, but it seems to come without a Makefile
Nigel Barnes
am not familiar with it
Anders Lindén
It is awful
Any pointers on where I could learn how to add analog input ports to the seattle.cpp driver for blitz99?
hey, if anyone has any remote remote , designer, DevOps or Sysadmin jobs they can post them at http://webwork.io
Westley M. Martinez
My first accomplishment in the MAME source has been making the README readable in a console.
Alex Ray
Is IRC more active than this?
Ivan Vangelista
yes, way more acrive
Olivier Galibert
That still exists?
Jonathan Gevaryahu
.. can someone update the topic?
0.162 was may 2015
Christopher Warner
Thanks for this, mame osx is dead and this is doing gods work.
Jonathan Gevaryahu
cuavas: is gitter no longer working? i'm not seeing recent commits here
R. Belmont
recent commits are showing OK for me.
one question to ask, buddys
How to build mame for android ?
by android studio, but where is the libraries..
Hello I'm having an issue with compiling MAME for Windows could anyone help? I have Visual Studio 2015 (With Update 3) installed. As well as msys64 installed to C:\ I followed the official instructions on the MAME Tools page for building for Windows. Anyways the problem I'm having is it will begin compiling and after about 15 minutes it throws me this error Generated 1972 opcode handlers from 523 primitives
make[1]: Leaving directory '/c/msys64/home/vanit/mame/src/devices/cpu/m6800'
c:/mysys64/home/vanit/mame/scripts/genie.lua:536: File definition for TARGET=mame SUBTARGET=mame does not exist
stack traceback:
[C]: in function 'error'
c:/msys64/home/vanit/mame/scripts/genie.lua:536: in main chunk
[C]: in upvalue 'builtin_dofile'
[string "premake = { }..."]:84: in function 'dofile'
[string "_WORKING_DIR = os.getcwd()..."]:45: in function '_premake_main'
make: * [makefile:1061: vs2015_uwp] Error 1
Any help would be appriciated
@wiired24 - you'll probably get better help either on https://github.com/mamedev/mame , on http://forums.bannister.org, or irc: freenode #mame / #mame-dev
no one really uses this anymore
Hi, I am compiling MAME for Mac and follow the procedure of this one https://github.com/mamedev/mame ; and after the compiling finished, nothing change? How can I play game as there is no app or plist appeared in my Mac ?
I tried http://forums.bannister.org//ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=58897&page=1 but the third link of step 1 is not working... and also I found this one http://docs.mamedev.org/initialsetup/compilingmame.html is difficult for me to understand... I just want to play game Orz...
R. Belmont
Jincong: if the compiling finished successfully, there should've been a "mame64" executable created. However, MAME by itself is a command line / UNIX executable; you can double-click it but it's not entirely meant to be used that way. If you want a Mac GUI interface, you'll want to download the QMC2 frontend and use that in conjunction with the compiled MAME.
Also, as @stilett0 noted, we don't normally check this; you're better off using one of the alternate support methods he lists. Even Reddit /r/mame is checked more often.
i am trying to compile in ubuntu 17.04 and i getting an error saying cant find SDL2/SDL_ttf.h any ideas?
im upgrading from mame 0.97 to the new mame v0.194 but it's saying that there's missing files
heya guys
anyone experienced with the MAME Lua engine?
Hi all ... when looking at CPS1 schematics and its architecture, I wonder how close the MAME implement is to the real hardware, as there is little infos about the PPU chipset
how close would one rate the MAME implementation to rendering the CPS1 game in general ? close to perfect ?