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Repo info
    Ronan Berder
    Ronan Berder
    hi, i couldn't work mapbox js sample example with onsenUI..

    <div class="center">Navigator</div>

    <div id='map'></div>

    L.mapbox.accessToken = 'pk.eyJ1Ijoic2FyaXl1eiIsImEiOiJ2OXNOZUl3In0.jUGJ37Gsx4aHML7aEd1TvA';
    var map = L.mapbox.map('map', 'mapbox.streets')
    .setView([40, -74.50], 9);


    Saurabh Kadam
    How do i set language of all countries to English by using code or anything else in my application.., I am not using Mapbox Studio ....
    Plzz help ...
    Hi, Do we have a way to retrieve route legs (steps) in directionLayer when using javascript sdk for rendering the mapbox?
    Tom Aalbers

    Hi. I am trying to add a custom marker icon to my mapbox-gl JS map. Ive tried following these instructions https://www.mapbox.com/help/custom-markers/ but they are not working. Perhaps I am forgetting something. I've tried the following

    • Upload a SVG image to my custom style
    • Add the custom style to my mapbox-gl JS map
    • Add a new layer with the custom icon to it.

    It doesnt show though, but when I use a excisting marker like car-15.svg it works normally. Any suggestions?

    Miguel Miranda de Mattos
    Anything on how to paint a coutry that has markers on it. Using mapbox-gl-ios or android ?
    How to get a number on top of the markers using mapbox-gl- ios ??? Thanks!
    Riccardo Corti
    hi guys, quick question,is it possibile to integrate mapbox-gl into a angular2 typescript project? How?
    Rafael J. Rodriguez
    What would be the best way to get the icons to make a custom legend? I will be using 4 icons for 4 different types of markers and I want to use them outside the map for an html legend that I'm creating for it but I don't see how to get those icons to work.
    Rafael J. Rodriguez
    wow no one has said anything since then
    Jonas Ellehauge
    hi guys, I'm working with mapbox-gl-js and have some questions, where do I go?
    Matthias Tylkowski
    Hello everyone, does anyone know where can I ask a geojson-vt question?
    hello , can i use coffee script instead of js directly ?
    i'm working on rails framework !
    hi dudes
    i have a question

    i need put custom icon url

    "type": "Feature",
    "properties": {
    "icon": "theatre"
    "geometry": {
    "type": "Point",
    "coordinates": [-70.15251159667969, -20.213878040691284]

    i'm unable to add mapbox map on my rails app .
    Nitesh Rai
    Hi I am trying to update the mapbox popup content but end up duplicating multiple popups. Is there anyway to just reset the html for all features in a loop
    Bernard Baker

    hi everyone....

    any mid level mapbox devs around ???

    i've got a question about mapbox and vuejs.
    Hi, does anyone know how to use mbtile caching in unity? I want to download mapbox tiles and save them for an offline application.
    I saw this mapbox/mapbox-unity-sdk#34
    and it sounds like it was rolled into mapbox mapbox/mapbox-unity-sdk#125
    but i haven't found any other information
    Ok it looks like the tiles are stored as a .cache file for sql in C:\Users\UserName\AppData\LocalLow\DefaultCompany\MapBox\cache
    now is there a way to get the lat/lon location of a pointer click on a tile?
    looks like there is an extension method to do this, it uses the centermercator var point = VectorExtensions.GetGeoPosition( Input.mousePosition, _dynamicZoomMap.CenterMercator, 1);
    Sam Leiendecker
    Is it possible to test layers on mapbox with selenium?
    Peter Bailey
    Anyone know why Mapbox might not be able to show two layers at the same time? (id’s are different)

    Does any one know :: How to put qr code as tracker on map based on location (Latitude and Longitude).

    I want to scan that QR code via mobile Camera - concept of Augmented Reality.

    Is Mapbox provides such functionality?

    Anatoliy (Toli) Zaslavskiy
    I was wondering if anyone is still maintaining the react-geocoder? I rewrote it to work with modern React: mapbox/react-geocoder#27
    Aditya Dehal
    Hey can anyone tell me what's wrong with my code https://gist.github.com/aditya2000/720fbebde008162c6ff001c63dd8272a I'm trying to access user's live location.
    Roberto Wesley Overdijk
    Can I ask questions about the mapbox sdk here?
    iOS specifically.
    I've inherited an app that's running on mapbox... Well, let's say version vOLD.
    I need to update mapbox but everything has changed and I can't find a migration guide.
    is it possible to show Mapbox tileset description in popup?
    Hi. I am trying to add a Mapbox vector tile layer from Geoserver to my mapbox-gl JS map. like this:
    But its not show in my map
    Can mapbox gl js surport the vetor tile from Geoserver?
    Nikola Pavlovic
    can someone from mapbox elaborate on what does 'Supports interpolate expressions' mean?
    Nikola Pavlovic