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    It's a cross chain payment project, The innovation of the project is the design of syner chain and interactive chain, hotstuff consensus, smart virtual machine based on wasm, on chain governance, a production chain framework.
    APoS is a new PoS mechanism of multi-asset staking, which can be used to staking multiple assets in exchange for nomination and election of validator and producer. The assets staking by APoS can be either MarcoPolo Protocol’s token MAP or external assets across other chain, which ensures the security and efficiency of network operation and makes it more decentralized.
    Neo Wilson
    Hello every one
    hi guys
    We have a white paper reading activity, You can carefully read the technical white paper and present your insights and suggestions in articles or other ways. the community will have some tokens as a reward.currently, our technology community has developers from bitcoin, cosmos, and Ethereum.
    the following information can be referred to.
    Our white paper https://files.marcopolo.link/pdf/marcopolo_whitePater_en.pdf
    Our technical summary https://medium.com/@marcopolo_opensource/deep-into-the-architecture-of-marcopolo-protocol-3c593c05308
    Our technical paper https://files.marcopolo.link/pdf/MarcoPolo_Overview.pdf
    APos is a multi-Asset-based consensus algorithm. Compared to the traditional PoS algorithm, APoS's main innovation is to support the pledge of multiple digital currency assets for proof of stake and participate in the consensus process. At the same time, changes in incentives also make participants more decentralized, thus reducing the possibility of cartel formation.

    In riot, There was some discussion about consensus, i will move here, welcome to the discussion

    sectionSailToday at 11:46
    What's the difference between Mapbft and Hotstuff?

    kericfrankToday at 11:46
    I think the mapBFT is the consensus module of MarcoPolo, and Hotstuff should be the specific algorithm implemented by mapBFT.

    sectionSailToday at 11:47
    What are the changes in hotstuff between project and paper

    kericfrankToday at 11:47
    I read this white paper and found that they mentioned increased leader randomness in the hotstuff protocol。
    Has anyone started improving hotstuff?Or is there any improvement in the original author?
    As I know, HotStuff is a BFT based on the master node. So the improvement of election leader is good choice.

    sectionSailToday at 11:48
    Increasing the randomness of leader is described in the paper https://eprint.iacr.org/2019/270.pdf , or improved by the MarcoPolo Protocol

    kericfrankToday at 11:50
    you really need read the MarcoPolo white paper more carefully.

    sectionSailToday at 11:52
    What's the difference between Mapbft and PBFT,Which PBFT processes it optimizes?

    kericfrankToday at 11:53
    You mean the properties of hotstuff?
    HotStuff is simple and modular enough, the potential transition process is relatively easy to scale up. Under Nnormally flow, PBFT adopts two rounds of point-to-point communication to achieve the goal of consistent state.
    The PBFT's mesh communication network topology is transformed into a star communication network topology: it relies on the master node for every communication. Instead of broadcasting the message to other nodes through the p2p network, the node sends the message to the master node, which processes the message and sends it to other nodes.
    The view switching process is merged with the normal process: there is no longer a separate view switching process, reducing the complexity of view switching and thus extending PBFT's two-phase validation to three-phase validation.
    Threshold signature: other nodes sign a message and send it to the master node. When the primary node receives enough votes, it exports the full signature, which is appended when it broadcasts the next stage of messages to other nodes for verification by other nodes.。
    Consensus process pipelining: each prepare stage switches the view, meaning that the prepare stage of the next view is validated as the prepare stage of the current view, meaning that the prepare stage (implicitly) includes pre-commit validation of the current view, and so on.

    How to implement the chain of governance in MarcoPolo protocol?
    @kericfrank On Chain Governance is composed of proposer 、POB council and referendums, proposal contains consensus upgrade, incentive adjustment and distribution of ecological incentives, etc. Among the proposer, POB council played a decisive role in most of the proposals, in order to curb the rights of the council, the referendum and the Council's mutual restraint were introduced, MarcoPolo reach the fair distribution of ecological incentives. As the latest application of On Chain Governance, On Chain Update,through sociological and economic principles, solves the problem of community bifurcation.
    what is the POB? is any Relationship with chain?
    @kericfrank PoB is Proof of Building,map holder become members of the council according to their contributions
    ,POB council played a decisive role in most of the proposals。

    sectionSailYesterday at 10:56
    I don't quite understand how VM works and the features of the new language described in the MarcoPolo white paper?Anybody know?

    kericfrankYesterday at 10:56
    map-vm is similar to ewasm except the map-abi

    sectionSailYesterday at 10:57
    the map-vm is New implementation or base on ewasm?
    how can i get more information for learn the map-vm?

    kericfrankYesterday at 10:57
    I'm working on a poc version of map-vm, maybe later this year

    sectionSailYesterday at 10:57
    I wonder if there is a way to verify transactions from another blockchain
    the rootchain may have no knowledge about other chain's consensus
    If altchain reorg for many blocks, how to revert the relayed messages on the root chain

    kericfrankYesterday at 10:58
    Good question. It is hard to guarantee this case for non-finality blockchain like ETC.
    For the blockchain to be integrated to MarcoPolo Protocol networks, there is the reasonable staking deposit, maybe it is a way