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    Why can't the traditional school account for the full range of learner differences?

    The traditional school, of course, cannot account for the full range of personality differences of students.

    As a result, those students who could learn much better using https://edusharky.com/buy-term-paper who emphasize visual support have to listen to the teacher's explanations and immediately those students who are much more able to work in the afternoon are forced to those students who have been intellectually (and perhaps spiritually) underprepared are forced those who were not intellectually (and perhaps spiritually) prepared are forced to follow the pace and methods meant for more advanced students (the so-called average); the boys who do not understand some of the principles of life, the tenets accepted in civilized society, often begin to feel complicated.

    Theory and methodology of education That is why, say the proponents of this approach (Dunn, Griggs), it is necessary to rely on and develop the individual styles of cognitive activity of each student. In such a school, students are given the opportunity to work individually on soft mats or in groups at specialized tables for group work. It uses both clearly structured, teacher-led lessons clearly structured teacher-led lessons are used here as well as small group work (pairs, threesomes, etc.).

    Students can attend classes, take exams, and work on Projects at a time and in a way, pace, and form that is convenient for them and consistent with their biology. form, in accordance with their biological rhythm and psychological peculiarities. In contrast to the traditional school the school of individual learning style involves each student in active cognitive activity, formation of problem solving skills, development of their creative abilities, disclosure of their spirituality.

    Finally, such a school places great emphasis on of collaborative learning in small groups. We have to admit that despite the attractiveness of the above-mentioned According to Dunn, Griggs, who visited 10 such schools, one cannot speak with any confidence about high of high effectiveness of teaching here can be very cautiously talked about. To a greater extent than with other approaches to teaching the role of the teacher, his or her professionalism, the ability to subtly identify and take into account the individual differences of students, not only in academic knowledge, but also in psychological terms. It is necessary, accordingly, to prepare teaching materials, plans, and programs.

    So far this is only an ideal, which, unfortunately, cannot be mass. It is not the schools of multilevel education, but the level differentiation in classes that has become more famous, Which consists in the fact that for each lesson the teacher prepares The main reason for this is that the teacher prepares a pack of didactic materials in at least three variants for each lesson.