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Repo info
    You just write a decorator for the state provider and override the template it uses: https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-router/wiki/Quick-Reference#spdecoratorname--decorator
    @Phocea Great. I'll take a look at that
    @Phocea Thanks again for being reactive. Not sure about how to do this...
    Anyway I might have a look, since I am running into multiple white page sections (for a referenced list), with no browser errors, a valid JSON received in response, a config code really similar to the docs...
    This reminds me about why I hate javascript-related technologies and try as much as I can to avoid it: usually it is so messy and not clear to debug ! Even if sometimes it is really obvious errors that would have been easy to fix with a proper log.
    Ah great I see this is already coded, only waiting to be included in next version :)
    Thanks a lot, I will try this in a side-folder then :)
    Abouzar Kamaee
    I need a page which does not loaded inside default layout (index.html)
    But I'm not sure how I can do it. :worried:
    In older version it was achieved with parent: null but right now it's not possible.
    Thank you in advance.
    Hi all !
    I am using admin-on-rest and the update made today broke my <ReferenceField> objects
    They would just hangs forever without displaying, however, the request is made to the API and the response received
    I know there is a BC break in this release however I am not using a custom Rest Client but the jsonServerRestClient already provided
    Downgrading to 0.8.3 (the version I was previously running) works just fine.
    Any idea what I should check ? No errors of any kind are displayed...
    Doesn't jsonServerRestClient have been upgraded at the same time ? Do I need to manually edit it ?
    Abouzar Kamaee
    I've solved problem with changing ng-admin source code and define another abstract state (ng-login).
    Okay my question is already documented if someone is facing the same issue : marmelab/admin-on-rest#425
    Does someone has an idea about when admin-on-rest 0.9.1 will be out ? (approximately)
    Sorry dumb question, it is already released... Problem fixed !
    Hi does someone know how can i change the identifier for a given entity in Admin-On-Rest ?
    I know it was possible with NGAdmin as written there https://github.com/marmelab/ng-admin/blob/master/doc/API-mapping.md#identifier
    But i couldn't find an equivalent in Admin-On-rest doc :worried:
    I had to add a conversion in my api at each request like $_GET['id_user'] = $_GET['id'] to understand what Admin-On-Rest requests, and that would be much easier the other way !
    sorry for spamming this thread...
    Darren Chiu
    newbie to ng-admin, just curious if there are angular2 version of it?
    Gareth Sylvester-Bradley
    This conversation seems to move in fits and starts...so I'm just going to bump my question... can any of the ng-admin developers point me in the right direction to solve marmelab/ng-admin#1316 Thanks!
    Srinivas Kommu
    @Phocea ..Did you solve the issue. - on reference filed hyperlink its taking to editView instead of showView.
    @darrenchiu no, no angular2 version of it planned
    @srinivaskommu nope, this would need to be patched in the source code to allow for a .detailLinkRoute('show') to be allowed on those field
    Are there any closed Github tickets/issues that detail how to create a custom error page?
    I am using ng-admin v0.9 beta
    Hi, anyone knows if it's possible to use entities as the content (options) of a selectbox in a custom page? If so what would be the "most straight forward" to do this? Using choices or maybe reference although I am not clear how to achieve this?
    Or maybe easier. How to use entities in a custom page?
    Gareth Sylvester-Bradley
    Good question, @escapedcat. I'm interested in the answer too!
    @garethsb marmelab/ng-admin#1316
    ah, i see :)
    I think my case is a bit different. Still wouldn't be sure how to use custom types in a custom page
    Gareth Sylvester-Bradley
    No, that's a different issue. I'm also interested in the answer to your question :-)
    anyone? ;(
    I dislike the idea of just creating my own controller/service, do API calls and use that data instead of what ng-admin might be able to provide already.
    amazing dashboard, but I haven't see any chart? NO chart inside?

    Hello everyone.
    My site is build from the MeanJS, and I want to integrate the ng-admin as a part of my site. But I failed.
    And I did a test like this:

    // Init the application configuration module for AngularJS application
    var ApplicationConfiguration = (function () {
        // Init module configuration options
        var applicationModuleName = 'ang_html';
        var applicationModuleVendorDependencies = ['ui.router', 'ng-admin'];
        // Add a new vertical module
        var registerModule = function (moduleName, dependencies) {
            // Create angular module
            angular.module(moduleName, dependencies || []);
            // Add the module to the AngularJS configuration file
        return {
            applicationModuleName: applicationModuleName,
            applicationModuleVendorDependencies: applicationModuleVendorDependencies,
            registerModule: registerModule
    angular.module(ApplicationConfiguration.applicationModuleName, ApplicationConfiguration.applicationModuleVendorDependencies);
    angular.element(document).ready(function () {
        angular.bootstrap(document, [ApplicationConfiguration.applicationModuleName])
    ApplicationConfiguration.registerModule('newApp1', []);
        .config(['NgAdminConfigurationProvider', function (NgAdminConfigurationProvider) {
            // create the admin application
            var admin = NgAdminConfigurationProvider.application('My First Admin')
    routeConfig.$inject = ['$stateProvider'];
    function routeConfig($stateProvider) {
            .state('order', {
                abstract: true,
                url: '/order',
                template: '<ui-view/>'
            .state('order.admin', {
                url: '',
                template: '<div ui-view="ng-admin">AAAA</div>',
                data: {

    This does not work.
    And I created a repo for my test: test ng -admin can someone help me ?

    Any idea will be appreciated!
    Jerod Fritz
    Does anyone know if ng-admin supports drag and drop reordering of items in a collection via a weight field or something similar?
    @Phocea Can we set a limit on the number of objects retrieved from the response of a REST API call? For example, if I only want to retrieve 20 objects from the response at a time how can this be done with a reference?
    how can i specify width of the table columns in listView?
    Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
    Hello; I have an issue regarding adding default headers with Restangular; I need to add basic auth for my PAI. After checking up the docs, I have added the following code to admin.js:
    taskDevelopers.config(['RestangularProvider', function(RestangularProvider) {
        var login = 'admin',
            password = 'xxx',
            token = window.btoa(login + ':' + password);
        RestangularProvider.setDefaultHeaders({'Authorization': 'Basic ' + token});
    However, when the request is actually being done, the header is not being added
    These are all the headers that get added:
    OPTIONS /agencies?_page=1&_perPage=30&_sortDir=DESC&_sortField=id HTTP/1.1
    Host: localhost:8080
    User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Fedora; Linux x86_64; rv:52.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/52.0
    Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,/;q=0.8
    Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.5
    Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    Access-Control-Request-Method: GET
    Access-Control-Request-Headers: authorization
    Origin: null
    Connection: keep-alive
    I would be very grateful for any suggestions regarding how to debug this issue
    Olga Maciaszek-Sharma
    I've solved the issue, so not important anymore
    Al Falah Taieb
    Hi is there someone please
    Hi, I have an app built on sails.js. I'm very new to angular2. Now I want to integrate ng-admin using angular2. Is there any plugin like ng-admin for angular 2 also ?
    hey @Bhargav-Narayan https://github.com/akveo/ng2-admin
    Hey! Im currently using ng-admin and im trying to implement a simple search filter. I used the documentation to implement it but after typing in something it just fires a new request with the search text in it but it does not search on the clientside. Do I have to implement it on serverside or is there anyway to make it work on clientside only? Thanks for helping me
    Jacob Rief
    is there a way to attach an entity to an editionView without a listView? Say you want to edit a sigleton.
    Dmitry Demenchuk
    Quick question. Will ng-admin become unsupported, in favour to admin-on-rest? Thanks.
    Srinivas Kommu
    @am-konstantin , search will make request to server with values filled in filters. You need to have api to support search.
    Angel Santiago Silva Borja