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Repo info
    Qiming Liu
    and I don't want to override the global identity for that related entity
    Rajesh Rai
    What is the best login module for ng-admin?
    Dmitry Demenchuk
    Can I use a pages (or infinity scroll) without providing X-Total-Count?
    @MrRajeshRai I made a login form myself, can give you an example.
    Is there anyway to pass the entry id to the file upload field?
    Dmitry Demenchuk

    @muenzer after uploading, you should return something like

    {id: 1234}

    then in ng-admin create a field:

    nga.field('my_file', 'file')
        'url': 'http://example/file',
        'apifilename': 'id'

    This is the expected markup which is created dynamically

    <textarea data-ng-model="cv.experience[content.title]"></textarea>
    <textarea data-ng-model="cv.experience[content.title]"></textarea>

    This is the sample of the JSON I want to achieve


    How can i archive above structure using ** ng-model **

    Dmitry Demenchuk
    Can I get somebodies attention on this? marmelab/ng-admin#1348

    the following URL is called on our application to add a new subscription record.


    Part of the creationview code is the following:
    .title('<h4>Subscriptions <i class="fa fa-angle-right" aria-hidden="true"></i> Create: Subscription</h4>')
    nga.field('login_id', 'reference')
    .attributes({ placeholder: 'Select Account' })
    .validation({ required: true })
    .singleApiCall(function (login_id) {
    return { 'login_id[]': login_id };
    The API call to the LoginData entity is bringing back all the records; what we want is to pass to the API call the login_id value coming from the initial URL. Something like: http://mydomain.com/api/LoginData?login_id=1234

    How do we do that ?

    Hector Mota
    asssuming that I have two entities EntityA and EntityB
    I want the two listViews i mean the data grids to show in the same page
    one below another...
    How do I do that..?
    ....on the documentation it shows only for the dashboard..How can i do that for another router......instead of the dashboard ?
    Hector Mota
    one day without answer my question good job im fuck out here ..
    oops wrong chat dont get me wrong
    Dmitry Demenchuk
    One of the reasons people don't get they answers, it because it's really hard to read a code in plain text. I personally don't even bother myself reading it.
    Dmitry Demenchuk
    How to create a multiple string field in editionView() and creationView()? stackoverflow
    hi everyone, im new to angular and bootstrap, and i want to know how to use calendar into a new page, i stuck since yesterday, what i did seems correct
    How about issue #1347: marmelab/ng-admin#1347
    I undergo a same question.
    How about issue #1347: marmelab/ng-admin#1347
    I undergo a same question.
    hello, how can one render fields from JSON object which is a select over other entities ?
    @freemember007 : The solution is updated in that
    @freemember007 #1347
    @ashwanikumar415 thank you very much!
    Hector Mota
    how can I combine multiple tables in one page with ng-admin?
    Srinivas Kommu
    @boxhead201 .. did you get (Spring Data HATEOAS support) working??
    for ng admin?
    will there be a Gitter chatroom for AOR as well ?
    Lucas Borsatto
    Hi everyone! I need the ng-admin version 2 with Angular 2. It's ready?
    I think that github.com/akveo/ng2-admin does not have the same idea..
    jibin jose
    Hi, I am new to front end technologies and ng-admin is so awesome and helpful. kudos to the team and all the contributors
    Now I have a doubt about exporting. When I try, CSVs can only be generated for the page, But it would be nice if it can contain all the pages. I am unable to find anything in the documentation about this. How do we get the whole dataset to CSV?
    is there a way to do it?
    Is there a way in creationView , that if user fills one field all other input fields in the form are set automatically ?
    Thomas Beckford
    Hi, im new in this. I will follow the steps to configure ngadmin. Could someone explain me what ng-admin means ?
    The prefix ng stands for "Angular;"
    Jacob Rief
    Any chances that marmelab/ng-admin#1341 will be get fixed? It currently inhibits me to use ng-admin as the backend for a popular Open Source project.
    Matus Goljer

    When I click the Submit button in creation form an OPTIONS request is sent to the server and then in the console this appears

    Error: e.data is null
     Possibly unhandled rejection: {}

    No subsequent POST is sent... I'm returning these CORS headers on the response... but it's all on localhost so it shouldn't matter

    Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *
    Access-Control-Request-Method: GET, POST, PUT, DELETE, OPTIONS
    Access-Control-Request-Headers: X-Requested-With, content-type
    access-control-allow-credentials: true
    So my question is: is this a CORS error or some bug in the package itself?
    Matus Goljer
    I got it running through webpack and the same thing happens... I've tried version 1.0.2 and there at least I get a popup telling me "an error occured: code -1 null".
    Francois Zaninotto
    @remi13131 Nope, use StackOverflow instead
    @LucasBorsatto_twitter No, we won't port it to Angular 2. Try admin-on-rest instead
    Hi, all! I've stucked on problem with refreshing pages. Example: base app opens and url is localhost:8000/dashboard, then i go to users tab from menu or anywhere else and url is localhost:8000/users/list. If i refresh page while on users then it will go to dashboard again. How to fix this?
    Giovanni Duarte

    Good morning Friends, congratulations to all who are part of the NGADMIN team.

    My name is Giovanni Duarte, I am at the forefront of a project we use to use NGADMIN, so far we have made good progress by joining DELPHI in Backend + NGADMIN in Frontend.

    My question: Is there a simple way to use the FILTERS using a button and not with automatic?

    Tomas Gonzalez Vivo

    I'm trying to use ng-admin in an existing project and I have a problem when running webpack.

    ERROR in ./node_modules/ng-admin/lib/javascripts/ng-admin/Main/view/menuBar.html
    Module parse failed: Unexpected token (1:0)
    You may need an appropriate loader to handle this file type.
    | <div class="navbar-default sidebar" role="navigation" compile="menu.template()">
    |     <div class="sidebar-nav navbar-collapse collapse" uib-collapse="$parent.isCollapsed">
    |         <ul class="nav" id="side-menu">
     @ ./node_modules/ng-admin/lib/javascripts/ng-admin/Main/component/directive/maMenuBar.js 8:15-49
     @ ./node_modules/ng-admin/lib/javascripts/ng-admin/Main/MainModule.js
     @ ./node_modules/ng-admin/lib/javascripts/ng-admin.js
     @ ./web/js/index.js

    I'm using webpack 3.10.0

    Robert Butler
    I know this isn't for AOR, but is there like a gitter for AOR support?
    Hi all! I'm quite new to ngadmin. I need two related choices fields. I try to use country/cities example, but it doesn't work. It seems scope.$watch('entry' function callback, in maChoiceFields never fired, Can you please provide a working example? My ngadmin is the latest one. thanks!