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Sep 2016
Janus Troelsen
Sep 08 2016 12:40
@martinheidegger what happened at the Tuesday, 26 July 2016 meeting?
Martin Heidegger
Sep 08 2016 22:47
@ysangkok nothing and a lot. The UnambiguousSyntax proposal was not accepted - for a conceputual reason.
Martin Heidegger
Sep 08 2016 23:10
I took quite some time for me to figure this out but:
The reason why it “has to contain either” is: Because the TC39 decided so.
It was a concious and calculated decision.
So: if you follow EcmaScript then there are in future ALWAYS two kinds of files. On purpose
Yet: the TC39 does not want to give recommendation how to differentiate between those two files.
And - in order for future versions of ecmascript modules to be unambigous - the differenciation has to happen outside of file format.
Martin Heidegger
Sep 08 2016 23:16
i.e. through the file ending, http headers, project specification, etc.
But the outside-information (out-of-band metadata) is something that the TC39 doesn’t (want <- my opinion) specify.
So: we need to come up with something in a different standardisation process.