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best regards
is the docker root dir?
I have installed debian 10 buster
Preetam D'Souza
oh its just the directory where you have run repo init
so if you have run repo init && repo sync in ~/code/maru, the docker command would be docker run --privileged -it -v ~/code/maru:/var/maru pdsouza/maruos-devbox
This will mount ~/code/maru from your host system in your docker container under /var/maru. Then you can do cd /var/maru and run your builds
@seacunab Let me know anytime if you need further help!
Thanks @pdsouza . Now I download repo and repo init and repo sync works
@pdsouza how I can compile debian buster build?
@pdsouza I have Oneplus 2, Oneplus 3T and huawei P smart FIG-LX3...I think that is possible on Oneplus brand, they have USB C and I may be to install HDMI hub adapter
I have the Oneplus 2 with TWRP and Lineage OS for this model:, Its necessary compile the device image?
Preetam D'Souza
@seacunab Yeah, if you have the device / kernel tree for lineage 15.1 you should be able to bring it up on Maru pretty easily
Check out our porting guide:
Preetam D'Souza
And we are working on officially supporting Buster soon - right now we still ship stretch officially
I created an issue to track this: maruos/blueprints#19
Porting maru to cedric moto g5
lxc-start -n jessie -o log.txt -l debug
lxc-start: external/lxc/src/lxc/lxc_start.c: main: 290 Executing '/sbin/init' with no configuration file may crash the host
why so?
Will work on direct output to phone screen

dose it looks ok for you?
setprop ctl.stop surfaceflinger will stop android from trying to shw something on screen
/etc/X11/xorg.conf must look lile

Section "ServerLayout"
Identifier    "Layout0"
Screen         "Screen0"
    InputDevice     "touchscreen device here will do greate job" "CorePointer"
InputDevice    "Keyboard0" ig "CoreKeyboard"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier     "Keyboard0"
Driver         "evdev"
Option        "Device"    "/dev/input/eventx"
Option        "Protocol"    "usb"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier    "Mouse0"
Driver        "mouse"
Option        "Protocol"    "IMPS/2"
Option        "Device"    "/dev/input/mice"

Section "InputDevice"
Identifier "touch screen device"
Driver "multitouch"
Option "Device" "/dev/input/eventx"

# mouse should move as fast as finger and not faster
Option         "AccelerationScheme" "none"
# evdev has it, multitouch doesn't so it behaves like touchpad

Option "IgnoreRelativeAxes" "True"


Section "Device"
    Identifier    "Card0"
    Driver        "fbdev"
    Option        "fbdev" "/dev/graphics/fb0"
    VendorName    "Unknown"
    BoardName    "Unknown"

Section "Screen"
Identifier     "Screen0"
    Device        "Card0"
DefaultDepth    24
    SubSection      "Display"
        Depth                  24

Depends on display resolution

        Modes            "1080x1920_60.00" 
ouch a bit bad markup
cedric:/ # ls /dev/graphics/
cedric:/ # ls /dev/
properties coresight-tmc-etf hbtp_vm media2 msm_evrc_in null ramdump_venus smd21 stml0xx_as usf1 v4l-subdev7
adsprpc-smd cpu_dma_latency hw_random memcg msm_g711alaw_in port ramdump_wcnss smd22 stml0xx_ms v4l-subdev0 v4l-subdev8
android_mbim cpuctl hwbinder memory_bandwidth msm_g711mlaw_in ppp random smd3 stune v4l-subdev1 v4l-subdev9
android_rndis_qc cpuset i2c-2 mmi_sys_temp msm_hweffects psaux rfkill smd36 subsys_adsp v4l-subdev10 vga_arbiter
apr_apps2 device-mapper i2c-3 msm-rng msm_mp3 ptmx rmi0 smd4 subsys_modem v4l-subdev11 video0
ashmem diag icesdcc msm_aac msm_multi_aac pts rmnet_ctrl smd5 subsys_venus v4l-subdev12 video1
at_usb0 dpl_ctrl input msm_aac_in msm_qcelp qce rmnet_ctrl1 smd6 subsys_wcnss v4l-subdev13 video2
at_usb1 drv2605 ion msm_alac msm_qcelp_in qseecom rmnet_ctrl2 smd7 tty v4l-subdev14 video32
avtimer ecryptfs jpeg0 msm_amrnb msm_rtac radio0 rmnet_ctrl3 smd8 tun v4l-subdev15 video33
bfqio event-log-tags keychord msm_amrnb_in msm_sps ramdump_adsp rtc0 smd_pkt_loopback uhid v4l-subdev16 vndbinder
binder fd kgsl-3d0 msm_amrwb msm_thermal_query ramdump_adsp_rh s3203b smdcntl0 uinput v4l-subdev17 wcnss_ctrl
block fscklogs kmsg msm_amrwb_in msm_wma ramdump_memshare_DIAG sdsprpc-smd smdcntl8 uio0 v4l-subdev2 wcnss_wlan
bus full loop-control msm_amrwbplus msm_wmapro ramdump_memshare_FTM sensors snd urandom v4l-subdev3 xt_qtaguid
ccid_bulk fuse mdss_rotator msm_ape mtp_usb ramdump_memshare_GPS smd1 socket usb-ffs v4l-subdev4 zero
ccid_ctrl graphics media0 msm_audio_cal network_latency ramdump_modem smd11 stml0xx usb_accessory v4l-subdev5
console hbtp_input media1 msm_evrc network_throughput ramdump_smem smd2 stml0xx_akm usb_ext_chg v4l-subdev6
cedric:/ # cat /dev/random > /dev/graphics/fb0
cat: xwrite: No such device
1|cedric:/ #
some problems
or it is wrong way to stop android and use fb?
due to if we stop zygote
we will lose gsm bluetooth wifi
Alex Soto

Hey folks! Thank you for creating maruos. I recently found out about maruos as I was researching Samsung Dex.

I was wondering if there is a "modern" smartphone that people recommend, thinking about the Samsung S9+ not sure how well supported it is.

Hi :-) thanks for such a cool os! :-) I just wondered if the oneplus 6t will be supported any time soon? :-)
Alex Soto
Hey folks, I recently flashed my LG-V20 with Lineage OS and was wondering what would the process look like to port the device over to Maru OS?
Alex Soto
Update: I have followed the instructions to build Lineage OS for LG V20 h918 and I'm about to create the build. I may create a porting thread if folks are itnerested.
Preetam D'Souza
@alex-a-soto Developer docs are here:
And developer forum where we have lots of porting threads you can learn from:!forum/maru-os-dev
Feel free to send PRs to our docs if anything needs updating - I'm happy to merge them in!
Gopikrishnan Rajeev
Im having an issue with maru0.6 port attempt for redmi note 4
here is the log
there is an issue with the lineage SDK i think
Joan M
Preetam D'Souza
@gopikrishnanrmg Thanks for the heads up
I haven't merged the latest from LineageOS to our forks in a while, I think that's what it is
I'm going to start a Lineage 15.1 (maru 0.6) port of Maru for the HTC10, since the last project seems to have died off and it doesn't actually work properly.
Rohit Bokade
Hello. Can some representative from MaruOS core team do an interview with me over Zoom/Jitsi-meet. Will be streaming it on my new YouTube channel "Mr. Mechanic". I find MaruOs interesting and want more people to join connect.
Preetam D'Souza
@TechEdison_gitlab Hello. What doesn't work properly?
Yes it has been a while since we worked on the HTC10
I believe someone in our community had an HTC10 and was working on it...
Please check out our deveope forum
We don't use this chat much, most of our activity is on our forum so its best to post there for a swifter response
@rnbokade Shoot an email to hello [at] and I'll get back to you. If you already sent one earlier sorry, we get a lot of mail and I may hav emissed it