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Nov 2015
Nikita Nerkar
Nov 24 2015 05:40

@kealan os_get_timestamp() will return time in micro-secs since time began.

uint32_t current_timestamp = os_get_timestamp();
int time_diff_ms = (int)((current_timestamp - timer->start_timestamp)/1000);

Is this what you are looking for ? what problem you are facing with os_get_timestamp()?

Kedar Sovani
Nov 24 2015 05:48
@aclel the lowermost Wi-Fi connected power consumption is < 1mA (Wi-Fi in IEEEPS). For Wi-Fi transmission this will be ~380mA, full shutdown (micro off, Wi-Fi deepsleep) current is ~90uA.
Kealan McCusker
Nov 24 2015 09:32
@nikitanerkar Thanks for your response. I got to the bottom of my problem. It was that the example code that I was timing was not working as I expected on the board.
Nikita Nerkar
Nov 24 2015 09:58
@kealan Great!