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Dec 2015
Anuj Deshpande
Dec 08 2015 09:34

Hey @/all we have released a new blob which fixes the connectivity issue
Please make sure that you update your starter kits to this version

Instructions on how to upload can be found here on the wiki

blob :

Dec 08 2015 16:56
This should be a simple question (I think). I'm working through the AWS starter demo. I've set-up the "thing" in the AWS iOT interface, and I'm ready to configure the board to connect. I've connected to the 88MW302 in AP mode and I'm looking at in my web browser, but all I see are options to Provision and Reboot. How do I pull up the screen to enter the details about the AWS IoT project?
Dec 08 2015 18:21
the new blob does seem to get me closer to being able to reconnect.
now i can (sometimes) put in the cert details and then join the network i want to, but when i reset, i get this instead:


Starting micro-AP aws_starter-FCF2
Connected successfully to the configured network
Failed to configure key. Returning!
aws shadow configuration failed : -1
Dec 08 2015 18:36
.. when the network is configured i also get a message about not being able to connect to the board, but the network does seem happy.
Dec 08 2015 22:42
@stevefulton if you haven't found it yet, it's under the provision button - that's a two step process - the iot thing configuration and then the network configuration (personally i'd prefer these to be separate dialogues, but i expect that there are good reasons for it.
Dec 08 2015 23:53
@niknaknet I updated the firmware on the board, and now I see the proper screens. However, now I'm not seeing any results in the AWS iOT interface when I press GPIO 26. It says Shadow Status: Out Of Sync. I think I'm seeing the same problem as you now.