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Dec 2015
Dec 09 2015 06:41
yes, sounds like it. if you have a console session with the board you will probably see what i do. Ideally what i would like to do would be to emit the cert and secret from non-volatile memory onto the console to show that they are correct and available, but i have not yet found a way to do that (extending the starter application
Anuj Deshpande
Dec 09 2015 06:56
@niknaknet @stevefulton I think you two have different problems
@niknaknet the keys that you have provided from the console don't seem to be accepted by AWS
can you try adding a new set of keys ?
the documentation for that is
@stevefulton can you post the output from your serial console ?
use something like minicom or screen to connect to the right port
output should be something like
 �]Z� Time: Nov  4 2015 14:24:25


Starting micro-AP aws_starter-E5B6
Connected successfully to the configured network
Cloud Started
delta topic $aws/things/marvell1/shadow/update/delta
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb":0,"pb_lambda":0,"led":0}}}' to AWS
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb":1}}}' to AWS
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb_lambda":1}}}' to AWS
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb":2,"pb_lambda":2}}}' to AWS
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb":3}}}' to AWS
Publishing '{"state": {"reported":{"pb":4}}}' to AWS
Anuj Deshpande
Dec 09 2015 07:18
@niknaknet to read the key, we have a function called read_aws_key
You can print it to the console using wmprintf
Dec 09 2015 07:32
@anujdeshpande i'll generate new keys this evening and see if that makes a difference. I have pushed the cert and private key in a number of times. (for me , the two step keys/network configuration isn't very reliable ... i'll also put in the read* elements to let me see what's being used.
Anuj Deshpande
Dec 09 2015 07:39
@niknaknet I think it's most likely a case of the keys not being mapped correctly to the right thing
Do let know what happens
Dec 09 2015 07:46
have dropped the checks into aws_starter_load_configuration where they are pulled in from nvram
Dec 09 2015 17:44
I'm trying to get some data from the serial ports now, but after I executed these commands in the processof gettign the firmware updated : sudo kextunload -p -b
$ sudo kextutil -b -p AppleUSBEFTDI-6010-1 , I can no longer see any USB devices. I think I have to reboot.
Chris Kurtz
Dec 09 2015 22:15
Greetings! The board apparently doesn't like my corporate network, and I'm trying to get it to reset. The only instruction I've found is "hold the reset button for more than 10 seconds" -- that doesn't seem to do it, I'm at the same stage (yellow LED flashing, no uAP to join to reconfigure)
Dec 09 2015 22:54
GPIO 24 for that reset
Dec 09 2015 23:06
@anujdeshpande i'm seeing the thing name is wrong - despite the fact i have set it in the setup process. it's showing what i think is the default... "c-sdk-client-id"