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Dec 2015
Kedar Sovani
Dec 15 2015 03:20
@shivakumar2000 I don't know of anyone connecting to the Bluemix cloud. But looks like they have a C SDK for embedded devices ( Porting this should be easy
Dec 15 2015 11:00
@nikitanerkar i’m not sure what raw packet dump option you mean.
Nikita Nerkar
Dec 15 2015 11:32
@niknaknet : Can you send us the POST data packet content of
POST and
Sachin Shinde
Dec 15 2015 23:51
Hi.. I am new to aws iot. I am using mw302 and I am following 'getting started guide'. I powered up my device which created a network to which I connected my laptop. But on there is no link to navigate to the page to add Thing name, region and certificate. How should I proceed...?