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Dec 2015
Sachin Shinde
Dec 17 2015 01:28
Can some one recommend any specific type of sensors that I can use. I have seeed Base shield to which I can connect sensors. I used the base shield with ARM board. Can some one please direct me as to how should I go about connecting the base shield with mw302 or is there any other way to connect the sensors to mw302?
Dec 17 2015 14:55
Hi, I am new to MRVL IOT kit. I get "aws_starter_sdk-2015_12_08.blob" from "" and could flash image to IOT kit. But when I try to make image, I could only see binary file (.o) in \bin folder, but can't find any .blob that I could burn to flash. Please advise how could I make full source and generate target image by .blob format.