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Dec 2015
Nikita Nerkar
Dec 18 2015 07:20
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@charleschang1888 On compilation <application name>.bin and <application name>.axf images get generated in /bin/mw302_rd folder. Please refer to and
Hrishikesh Dhayagude
Dec 18 2015 07:49

@charleschang1888 Hi.. If your compilation is successful, you should see <app_name>.bin and <app_name>.axf inside bin/mw302_rd/ folder.
Also, you do not need to flash the entire blob now. You can directly flash the .bin file of the app you want using the following command:
$ cd /path/to/aws_starter_sdk
$ sudo ./wmsdk/tools/OpenOCD/ --mcufw </path/to/app_name.bin>

For more details:
$ sudo ./wmsdk/tools/OpenOCD/ --help

Anuj Deshpande
Dec 18 2015 09:58

Hey @sachinshindegit the base shield V2 is made for the Arduino boards. So the pin layout and connections on the base shield are made as per the pins available on the atmega boards. You can definitely use the base shield v2 with the mw302 boards, but you will have to create an interface board in between or use jumpers to connect the pins on the mw302 to the base shield.

please also make sure that you toggle the switch on the base shield to 3.3v and not 5v. The mw302 board is 3.3v tolerant.

if you only want to connect sensors, you can connect them directly by referring to the pin layout on our wiki
Link :
Depending on what type of sensor you have, you can make connections using jumper cables between the mw302 board and the sensor module directly.

Dec 18 2015 15:15
@nikitanerkar & @dhrishi , thank you for your feedback.
Sachin Shinde
Dec 18 2015 19:26
Thank you @anujdeshpande . I will try.