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Jan 2016
Rahul Masurkar
Jan 13 2016 06:01
@movvas By default, SSP CS remains enabled between ssp_drv_open() and _close(). You can explicitly activate/deactivate using ssp_drv_cs_activate() and ssp_drv_cs_deactivate(). You can get full documentation in
@CKnight28 : Does your build succeed from command line? Ensure that ARM GCC is in systerm/user path. Also you can provide the build log for 'make clean' and 'make all NOISY=1' from command line (cmd.exe). NOISY (or verbose) output would be easier to analyze.
Jan 13 2016 15:17
No it failed from the command line example as well, but I don't think ARM GCC was in the environmental variables, only the GNU32 as the instructions noted.
I was hoping to avoid using the command line and just use eclipse though, so I never actively added it to the variables.
I'll put log information up after adjusting things.
Jan 13 2016 15:31
Alright, I updated the path to include the toolchain and GNU32 and a command line general make (and make noisy=1) works, it builds everything.
Sasidhar Movva
Jan 13 2016 16:12
Thanks @rahulgm. One more reposted question .. Do you have a working example makefile that uses c++ files in a sample project?
Jan 13 2016 16:14
Bingo, got it in Eclipse. I had to pull the -master archive and just use the .cproject file that came with it, for some reason my initial import either overwrote it or I changed something on accident.
Jan 13 2016 18:34
I am having some trouble locking it to build a single example though, this command breaks and tells me there's multiple target patterns: make APP=sample_apps/hello_world
Jan 13 2016 18:45
Alright, side-step is simply to edit the makefile and comment out the call to the sample app .mk and add the subdir-y to the app of your choice, alternatively editing the sample app .mk I suppose.