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May 2016
May 03 2016 12:17
Hello, New user to the Marvell AWS_Starter_Kit. I am having an issue with the starter kit connecting to my AWS IoT account. Provisioned and connected to my home router and recieve the "The device is configured and connected to "my home network". The yellow LED on the board is still in fast blink mode vs. going to the solid yellow LED state. So I don't believe it is connecting to my AWS IoT account. I don't see any state events when pressing the GPIO_26. Any ideas's on why this is not connecting?
Nikita Nerkar
May 03 2016 13:24
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Nikita Nerkar
May 03 2016 13:29
@hrieth : This indicates that the device is connected to the home router but is unable to connect to AWS IoT cloud.
Possible reasons could be,
  1. Is port 8883 blocked for your home network?
  2. Can you use text editors like gedit or notepad to copy-paste the certificates on the web-console to provide AWS IoT configuration details?
May 03 2016 13:51
Nikita, thank you for this input. As mentioned I'm a newbie. I've tried 2 different networks with same result (home rotuer and MiFi wireless router). How do I check if port 8883 is blocked?
Re: #2 - I had tried revoking certificates and generating new certificate with same result.
Here is what appears on the AWS IoT console;Certificate ARN
OU=Amazon Web Services O\ Inc. L\=Seattle ST\=Washington C\=US
CN=AWS IoT Certificate
Created date
May 3, 2016 7:57:31 AM -0400
Effective date
May 3, 2016 7:55:31 AM -0400
Expiration date
Dec 31, 2049 6:59:59 PM -0500
Nikita Nerkar
May 03 2016 13:55
@hrieth To check if the port 8883 is blocked or no, try executing ping Successful ping will indicate the port is not blocked.
I don't think there is anything wrong with the certificate creation step. Can you post the debug prints from your serial console ? You can use minicom to see the debug prints.
Nikita Nerkar
May 03 2016 14:05
@hrieth Check Setting up serial console for your machine:
May 03 2016 14:44
No luck using ping on command line prompt. Ping request times out, so looks like it may be blocked. any suggestions on how to unblock this port?
May 03 2016 14:51

From my Teraterm connection; Connected successfully to the configured network
Build Time: Nov 4 2015 14:24:25


Connected successfully to the configured network
aws shadow connect failed : -8

Anuj Deshpande
May 03 2016 14:54
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Nikita Nerkar
May 03 2016 17:47
@hrieth connection error -8 is due to TCP CONNECTION ERROR. Could you try provisioning the starter kit to some other network for which the port 8883 is not blocked ?
All AWS IoT error codes are documented here.