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Aug 2016
Prashant K
Aug 17 2016 05:08
Hi, is there any other platform like mbed or Keil to code MW302... or can I port the libraries in any other coding platform??
Anuj Deshpande
Aug 17 2016 07:47
@Prashant-Kmr Right now you won't be able to use Keil or mBed with the MW302 using the open source SDK. You might have to port it yourselves.
Just out of curiosity what particular feature are you looking for from Keil or mBed ? Maybe we can look at adding that in a future release
Prashant K
Aug 17 2016 09:05
I found few libraries like math.h are not working and it would be easy to import libraries for coding sensors and displays in mbed platform... So searching for any possibilities of porting mw302...