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Sep 2016
Anuj Deshpande
Sep 19 2016 05:36
@crosofg The Broadlink unit that you have shown uses the older MC200 and Wi-Fi chip combo. Although the EZ-Connect SDK supports this combo, the EZ Connect Lite SDK which has been made available on GitHub only supports the MW30x family of wireless controllers. If you would like to reprogram these (assuming the JTAG hasn't been locked, and it does not have trusted boot enabled) you will need the EZ Connect SDK which is available through Marvell's extranet.
@AmitBarthwal Can you please check your PATH variable once ? Also, what OS and what environment are you using ? For example Windows with GNUWin32 and the Eclipse IDE.
Sep 19 2016 16:09
@anujdeshpande I am using Linux 16.4 Ubuntu with eclipse neon..After making a new profile for debug configuration and adding toolchain in it, its working fine.. Thanks