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Mar 2017
Dino Wang
Mar 31 2017 01:26

Build Time: Mar 30 2017 01:38:44


[init] Initialized wireless stack
[af] app_ctrl: prev_fw_version=0
[net] Initialized TCP/IP networking stack
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: INIT_SYSTEM => CONFIGURED
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: CONFIGURED => NORMAL_INIT
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: NORMAL_INIT => NORMAL_CONNECTING
[af] network_mgr: network loaded successfully
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: NORMAL_CONNECTING => NORMAL_CONNECTED
Connected successfully to the configured network
Shadow Connect
[tls] Error: -313: recvd alert fatal error
[tls] Error: SSL_connect failed
Shadow Connection Error

anyone have this issue before for AWS iot demo.
I have not change any other code, only mqtt_config.h, Type in host and thing id, Thing name
It is should be a date time issue, but I have no idea where need modidfy