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Jul 2017
Jul 14 2017 03:43

for question (2), I've found the workaround. wmstdio.h have implied that some compilers have a problem interpreting %f. So we need use wm_int_part_of(x), and wm_frac_part_of(float x, short precision) these 2 ftoi-like functions.
in my code example above, need to be modified to:

float a=1.41421;
wmprintf("a = %d.%d", wm_int_part_of(a), wm_frac_part_of(a, 3));

the result would be: a = 1.414

Mathew Kirschbaum
Jul 14 2017 13:11
Hi, I'm currently trying to program my MW302 with the provided hello_world program. I've followed the instructions to the letter; however, I can't program the board without disabling the serial ports to actually read the output in a serial monitor. The setup guide says to only reprogram Interface 0 with WinUSB. Eclipse will not find the device or will complain that the device is disconnected unless I also install Interface 1 as WinUSB. However, setting both interfaces as WinUSB does not allow any serial monitors to connect to the device, as WinUSB removes the COM ports from device manager. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!