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Oct 2017
Ed Johnson
Oct 03 2017 15:21
Hello. I'm trying to upgrade our devices over the air. We have about 40 devices in the field and 2 of them are not upgrading properly. Since they are in the field, I don't know much except that rfget_client_mode_update() returns -65537 (WM_E_HTTPC_TCP_CONNECT_FAIL). The call flow is rfget_client_mode_update() -> httpc_get() -> http_open_session() -> tcp_connect() -> connect() which returns some kind of error. Since majority of devices are working properly for many upgrades, I have confidence that URLs are being served properly. In addition, these 2 failing devices have worked previously as well. Can anyone help me understand or debug the problem? Does it have anything to do with wifi network, firewall, etc.?? Just not sure where to look...