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Oct 2017
Jose Pablo Carballo
Oct 12 2017 16:44 UTC
@edwin-n-johnson This may sound too basic, but the way you are giving the device the upgrade URL, is it a too long URL? I remember some devices having trouble reading long url's because http_read_content() where I got the info from had to be called several times until everything was read. Just thinking out loud.. I don't know what your upgrade strategy is
Ed Johnson
Oct 12 2017 22:05 UTC
@josecarballoGL thank you for the reply. I really appreciate it. No, I don't believe URL length is the issue for 2 reasons. 1) 38 devices work just fine with identical URL and identical initial firmware and 2) for the 2 failing devices, when a different wifi access point is used (i.e. the customer ships the device back to me and I put it on my network), then the same URL works just fine. So it really feels like something is wrong with the access point. But I can't understand why and since I don't have a failing network myself, this is very hard to debug. Does anyone know if there are any good wifi api's in the sdk to get more diagnostic information about the network? Like signal strength, etc.? As always, thanks in advance and after...