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Jul 2018
Jul 11 2018 15:27
Hello is anyone still here in development?
I tried many times but I got a problem : aws shadow connect failed : -13
I am trying out the aws_starter_demo, and the output is like this:

Build Time: Jul 11 2018 11:25:01

Board Name = mw302_rd


sensor_drv_init done
[init] Initialized wireless stack
[af] app_ctrl: prev_fw_version=0
[net] Initialized TCP/IP networking stack
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: INIT_SYSTEM => CONFIGURED
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: CONFIGURED => NORMAL_INIT
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: NORMAL_INIT => NORMAL_CONNECTING
[af] network_mgr: network loaded successfully
[af] app_ctrl [sta]: State Change: NORMAL_CONNECTING => NORMAL_CONNECTED
Connected successfully to the configured network
aws shadow connect failed : -13