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Aug 2016
Aug 25 2016 00:00
Magisk is just a systemless framework that males building systemless tweaks easier
Aug 25 2016 00:02
Idk what i need to do, i've working N rom but i want to use snapprefs 😂 Jk, i'll test any new feature with second phone. I can say, that autosave feature isn't working that bad on 2.0 with, it's working like on 1.6.5 so it's usable
Aug 25 2016 01:04
@edi184 there is no autosave in 2.0
@MrYawnie hopefully there will be a Magisk module of Snapprefs soon then! :) It will probably take forever before Xposed will work on N but Magisk is already working on N.
Aug 25 2016 01:24
Hi guys, is anyone also facing problems with Stories? Snapchat keeps shut down when opening some snaps, probably those snaps which are shared from gallery by people. It's very annoying, as I can't see all the snaps on Stories. Using Snapchat with Snapprefs 2.0.0 beta on a Galaxy S4 with Android 4.4.2. Thanks in advance!
Aug 25 2016 11:05
@eddywitkamp i've old build with old commits with autosave ;)