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    I always new that technology was out to cock block me. In fact most forms of technology has always worked against me with my relationship with women. Remember back in your freshman year of college when after a late night out you’d come home and jump on the craigslist of the day aka IM and searched for a bangable counterpart? One night I came home and ran through the usual ho buddy list. I typed in a quick flirtatious message along the lines of “would you like a Filipino steamer, come get some”. I waited for a couple of minutes then passed out like I usually did with my pants around my ankles. When I woke up in the morning I had a IM message up on my screen from my sister telling me I need Jesus and to mail her $30 or she’d tell mom.
    Not much has changed since then. With text messaging and e mails technology has granted us instant communication with the object of our affections. I for some reason am probably the only person on the planet that fails at seduction with these two mediums of communication. For instance no matter how hard I try my sense of humor and hardy har har never seem to come through in e mails.

    It doesn’t matter if I try to proof it on wordpress or what, if it’s more than a paragraph something gets lost in translation. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m often multitasking and I’m horrible at multitasking or at doing my job now that I think about it. Now, most of my e mails to women I like are along two or three lines. Hey, What’s up, dinner Wednesday?