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Mar 2016
Lucas V. F. Ventura
Mar 15 2016 14:55
Hey guys, I'm getting started with F# and MBrace and I saw that you are looking for contributors to build a machine learning platform on top of MBrace, I would love participate in this project. Who should I contact? I have experience using R, Python, h2o and Spark, they all lack in some point and I think F# + MBrace could really be THE distributed ML platform. I have some ideas regarding model factory as well. Thanks
Jon Wood
Mar 15 2016 14:56
That would be really interesting @lucasvfventura!
Eirik Tsarpalis
Mar 15 2016 16:21
Hi @lucasvfventura, that'd be awesome! There's no MBrace.ML library as of yet, but we'd be keen to get it started. I've worked on a couple of simple ML applications in MBrace together with @brandewinder, so we could obviously help in that direction.
/cc @mathias-brandewinder
Nick Palladinos
Mar 15 2016 16:49
Hi @lucasvfventura it would be great to have something like Spark.ML
If you have mbrace related questions feel free to ask us.
Lucas V. F. Ventura
Mar 15 2016 19:02
Hey guys have you hear of Prajna? Also I'm just starting with MBrace, do you have something close to a distributed data frame?