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Repo info
    Pieter Michels
    Hi, am I doing something wrong if I am using route group middleware also on pages which are resourced? Any form action won't go through if I use middleware in routes.php
    If I don't use it, after form submission I lose the localization information...
    J. Erik
    Hi. Just a remark. On your readme.md you state on the config/app.php section regarding providers and alias to use: Mcamara\LaravelLocalization\LaravelLocalizationServiceProvider::class
    This did not work in my case (Laravel 5.0), it only worked with 'Mcamara\LaravelLocalization\LaravelLocalizationServiceProvider'
    In single quotes without ::class.
    Your work looks great I see forward to use it :)

    Hi all. I have a trouble with https://github.com/mcamara/laravel-localization
    I have two locale en and ru.
    And i'm on page ../ru/events and everything is ok and on Russian language.
    Then i click to ../admin and it's try to set "admin" like new locale but it's not in available list and then it set default "en" locale.
    But i need to have "ru" coz i was on ../ru/events

    Maybe anybody can help me with it ?

    Frédérick Dubois
    Hola, how would you go about having some pages which exists only for certain locales? Do you let all the routes "exist" for all locales and then return 404 in the controller if somebody hits the page with an unhandled locale?
    programmer LAB
    is there any best localisation package for laravel5.2 ?
    programmer LAB
    hello @ValeryYahorau
    do this : php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Mcamara\LaravelLocalization\LaravelLocalizationServiceProvider"
    then go to config folder
    open laravellocalization.php
    and enable your language
    Pablo Crossa
    Hi! does this package gonna be updated to 5.3? is in active dev? any other option out there? Thanks!!
    Can anyone help with this? mcamara/laravel-localization#352
    Hey there - I have been tasked with a two language localization for a new site. wondering about the benefits of mcamara vs native laravel localization before I dive into either.
    Hello everyone. just a quick simple question. Is this package avaiable with laravel 5.3?
    Hello Every one Great package
    I have the same question as @nejatyakup is is compatible with laravel 5.3 ?
    Yang(Flint) Liu
    Hi every one, I am using Laravel 5.1.11 with laravel-localization 1.0.x, and do set hideDefaultLocaleInURL to true, but when I query the default language, it still give me locale in url.
    Hi there, i got a little probleme with the transRoute function, if someone can help me with that
    I have set the translated routes in the correct folders ressources/lang/lang/route.php, those routes have params, but when i use transRoutes in Http\routes.php the params are taken as raw strings, like "{id}" is a normal string instead a param
    Can someone help with this ? =)
    Rob Lao
    I followed readme step by step, visiting http://mysite/en got NotFoundHttpException error. Latest laravel scaffold doesn't have such a file: app/Http/routes.php, but have routes/web.php
    Rob Lao
    Ok, sorted it out, didn't make route::group enclose all routes...
    Andre Parsons-Legault
    yall got an easy way to make it so my navbar recognizes the language used? i dont wanna have to prepend the language manually into each nav element
    Does anyone know something about this issue? mcamara/laravel-localization#497
    Muhammad Al Faris
    i have question for laravel localization

    how to change route www.blablabla.com to www.blablabla.com/id ..

    when your change language your website ? like google,, from english to french. without hard code to url.

    laravel localization have method for this ?
    Swapnil Banga
    Revaldo Pratama
    good morning
    i have question for laravel localization
    the link to bahasa www.ayo.com/en/singapore change to www.ayo.com/en/singapura
    Revaldo Pratama
    localization url in the database
    Route::get(trans('routes.destinations'). '/{country}', ['uses'=>'DestinationController@destination'])
    Hello everyone ! Sorry if my question has already been asked, but is it possible to use laravel-localization with api routes like so : /api/en/my-route ? I can't seem to make it work. If I put the /api, setLocale() returns null. I use laravel 5.4 and laravel-localization ^1.3
    Hi everyone
    İ have some problems with my localization
    Zefex Developer

    localeViewPath doesn't seem to be working

    localeViewPath doesn't seem to be working. I set up everything like the documentation said and I created a folder es inside the resources/views and it's not loading the view for the current language.

    use Mcamara\LaravelLocalization\Facades\LaravelLocalization;
        'prefix' => LaravelLocalization::setLocale(),
        'middleware' => ['localize', 'localeSessionRedirect', 'localizationRedirect', 'localeViewPath']
    function() {
            Route::get('/', function () {
                return view('welcome');
            Auth::routes(['verify' => true]);
            Route::get('/home', 'HomeController@index')->name('home');

    Everything else is working, but not the view part.

    Pawel Głowacz
    Hi, do you support optional parameters in translated routes?
    "results" => "results/{lottery_draws?}",
    This doesn't work, the route results is available, but when i go to results/1 - i get 404
    Samuel Bie
    when we cache routes, seems like the internationalization does not work
    hello friends
    why can't i use this package?
    in laravel 8