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Emiliano Bonassi
The topic contains retained messages and the client connects with QoS 1.
Do you have some idea/suggestion?
Matteo Collina
or something very similar
Emiliano Bonassi
@mcollina thanks.
Chad Cravens
Hey guys, so I had a quick question regarding Mosca's behavior Im seeing
when I subscribe to a topic, I notice that the subscription seems to disconnect/reconnect after 1 minute
is there any way to prevent this behavior?
Chad Cravens
So to answer my previous question, we were able to stop the disconnect/reconnect by creating a setInterval() for every 30 s that wrote a small message
not sure if it's ideal, but it has accomplished what we want
Matteo Collina
no idea, sorry
Hi, I want to use mosca with mqtt.js and replace socket.io for my frontend webapplication. I just want to push real time data to the client browsers over secure websockets. Do I need to change the config, so no other external client can connect and publish messages?
Matteo Collina
Yes you have to change the config
Emiliano Bonassi
What do you suggest for using broker behind a web proxy (HTTP+WebSocket) which supports most of the browsers/evil proxies?
For example, socket-io/sockjs which uses an mqtt client to connect to a mosca/aedes broker.
I am trying to connect from a javascript client to a Mosca Broker with SSL but Firefox can not connect. Has anyone made a client with MQTT.js and SSL? https://stackoverflow.com/questions/48466884/mqtt-js-with-ssl-could-not-connect?stw=2
Navjot Dhanawat
Hi @mcollina , I found mosca a nodejs based mqtt broker. Is it production ready and what about performance?
hello @mcollina
err msg is 'stream.js:74 WebSocket connection to 'ws://localhost:9800/' failed: Error during WebSocket handshake: Sent non-empty 'Sec-WebSocket-Protocol' header but no response was received' when I use chrome connect my mqtt server, @mcollina
Kasun Vithanage
@mcollina hi, i am doing a project to develop a realtime patients monitoring system for hospitals. I ve provided a mechanism to admins of site to authorize or blacklist a device in my application backend. So when a device wants to connect it sends MAC address to a specific endpoint and admin can authorize it and assign it to a bed, when a patient admit, the device will get the topic like ward/1/patient/112 from the application endpoint with same above endpoint. Then i need to authorize the client in mqtt procedure, it can be also done with the credential system you provide with Mosca, the real problem comes when i need to dump data to database realtime and display them to doctors who has been logged, so as you said it uses a mongo backend, where i use to store data too, can i directly dump that data to my original database without subscribing my application server to mosca? i can subscribe for emitting data realtime to frontend...also in this scenario should i integrate mosca directly to my express app or create my custom server with mosca and subscribe my app server as a client for get ward data ? any help appreciated....my concern is the message handler in application may not be able to handle a large load
i ve read HiveMQ MQTT essentials and saw there that for handle something like this they recommend to write a plugin to HiveMQ broker
Matteo Collina
You can do the same for Mosca
listen to the ‘published’ event.
Also, I’d recommend to use https://www.npmjs.com/package/aedes
Kasun Vithanage

im using MQTT.js with mosca
i ve set username authentication in mosca and from mqttjs i want to set username
so i ve done with as in examples
mosca recives it and
authenticate the client correctly
but MQTT.js client keep saying Bad username and password
'use strict'

const config = require('../config')
const mqtt = require('mqtt')
const client = mqtt.connect(config.mqtt, { username: 'RPMS_SERVER', password: 'none' })


Hello everyone, I've been trying to setup Ponte for accepting https requests, can someone help me?

My Ponte code:
var ponte = require("ponte");

var SECURE_KEY = dirname + '/MyKey.key';
dirname + '/MyCert.crt';

var opts = {
logger: {
name: 'PonteBroker',
level: 'info'
http: {
secure : {
port: 3001,
keyPath: SECURE_KEY,
certPath: SECURE_CERT,

mqtt: {
secure : {
port: 8443,
keyPath: SECURE_KEY,
certPath: SECURE_CERT,
persistence: {
type: "mongo",
url: "mongodb://localhost:27017/ponte"
var server = ponte(opts);

server.on('clientConnected', function(client) {
console.log('client connected', client.id);

server.on("updated", function(resource, buffer) {
console.log("Resource Updated", resource, buffer);

The TLS configuration for MQTT is working, but don't seems to work with HTTP.

Manoj Kumar
Hi I'm new to Node JS. I'm Running mosca Server, The server is closed after 3 Hrs. How to Maintain the Server connection always???
Hello, I'm looking for a Cordova plugin that allows me to connect to a Mosca broker from an application made with Cordova. I want to build a push notifications server. Do you know any that work for Android?
I looking for something like this https://github.com/mapon-com/cordova-socket-messaging-plugin but for a Mosca broker
Hello I have an issue when executing server.close() throw new Error("This ascoltatore is closed");
this part is always executed when calling server.close()
AbstractAscoltatore.prototype._raiseIfClosed = function raiseIfClosed() {
  if (this._closed) {
    throw new Error("This ascoltatore is closed");
This is closing really well using plain javascript, this is a Typescript usage issue, will find it
I have resolve my issue with typescript
Nissim Kurle
Can someone please help me with this.
Hi everyone! I'm trying to get the list of all topics from a private mosca broker. @mcollina do you know the correct way to achieve this? Is it possible for the broker to know all the topics? any help is really appreciated..Cheers
Xaree Lee
Hello, is there any example for MQTT (mosca) over WebSocket and TSL/SSL?
I can connect my browser (webpage) to the mosca server with MQTT over WebSocket, but failed with TSL/SSL.
or any tutorial?
Matthias Kallenbach
mosca with redis on a raspberry pi ;) works great!
I got a problem in mosca https usage, my setting is :
var SECURE_KEY = './pem/https/server.key';
var SECURE_CERT = './pem/https/server.crt';
var moscaSettings ={
{type: "https", port: config.mqh_port, credentials:{keyPath: SECURE_KEY,certPath: SECURE_CERT}},
{type: "mqtts", port: config.mqc_port, credentials:{keyPath: SECURE_KEY,certPath: SECURE_CERT}}
backend: ascoltatore,
persistence: {
factory: mosca.persistence.Redis
var broker = new mosca.Server(moscaSettings);
wss is not work
when I change the type:"https" to "mqtts", it works fine,
What's the problem with https? the same code is fine before...
In localhost the https is also fine, in remote server it cannot connect.
When I use curl -v https://host:port, it return connect timeout, it seems the port is not open, but I'm sure the port is opened fine.
Nestor Figliuolo
Hi! I'm having problems creating the https object in my server, the error i'm getting is Error: one of the defiend interfaces requires credentials, but i have passed the keyPath and certPath paths
I've solved it! the keyPath and certPath needed to be in the scure object property
Hi. Great repo! Question: I want to turn of publishing to a topic except to a select few, to avoid spamming. What's the best way to do this?