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Jun 2016
Matthew de Detrich
Jun 03 2016 06:40
@OlivierBlanvillain hmm thats interesting, thats probably due to standard library usage for the underlying collections
@OlivierBlanvillain If you use unsafe.JValue, that shouldn’t happen
@OlivierBlanvillain let me know if you you know what is causing it, I will look into it
Either that, or the @JsExport is causing the code to blow up, but I highly suspect it
I think its probably the inclusion of stdlib
maybe its Vector/Builder that is causing the code to get so large
Olivier Blanvillain
Jun 03 2016 07:02
This blow up is happening without even using/importing anything from le lib (just adding the dep in the build), so my bet is that it comes from the @JsExports which forces the dead code elimination phase to keep Vector and everything reachable from it.
Matthew de Detrich
Jun 03 2016 07:26
Hmm, I may re-evaluate its use then. Ill make some code adjustment to see if that is what is causing it