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Repo info
    Jaewon Choi
    Hi, I met this exception for building your application.
    If you can, let me know where should I report the detail of this problem.
    Shortly saying, I ran exactly same command of your README file, "./gradlew :interop-lab:demo-apps:run"
    First it showed selecting view whether Supervisor or not. I clicked Supervisor, then I could see this exception dialogs.
    My environment is Ubuntu 16.04 64bit, and java version is java version "1.8.0_101".
    how to run the open ice after downloading in linux
    Hello everyone, i am a newcomer to mdpnp. I import the project mdpnp 0.6.4 in the Eclipse, and try to run the gradle task, and there is always an errors like this.
    does anyone know the solution? Thanks in advance
    Maniappan R
    Hi, is there any document/steps to add a new type of simulated device?
    I cannot add devices to the ICE supervisior
    I am runing the latest version of OpenICE on Ubuntu 18 and Java 1.8.151
    When I try to add new device, by clicking add ICE Device Adapter, nothing happend
    Antoine Villeret
    Hi all, I would like to use mdpnp to display simulated multiparameter data on a screen for a theater show, and I would like to remotely control the parameter and get real time value to trig sound or light. So I need some hint to know where to start :-) looking to the code, I'm pretty sure everything is there but I'm not sure, how data could be send/receive over the network
    Simon Kelly
    @avilleret It is certainly possible to run the simulated devices on one machine on a network (the device interface), and display those devices on a different networked device (in the ICE supervisor). Device data is transmitted across the network using DDS.
    If you mean that you want to have custom "alerts" or "alarms", you would need to create a custom ICE Application that responded to device conditions. In the current release, the "Oximetry Test Application" does something similar to this for Oximetry devices. Feel free to reply here to discuss in more detail what you want.
    Antoine Villeret
    thanks a lot for you reply @simonkelly1973 but, actually I decided to move to a dedicated application to display the data and another one to simulate data
    in fact I was very interested in your simulation engine but I don't know anything about java
    moreover I need to apply opengl shader on the rendering window, thus I decided to build a display app with openframeworks and a simulation one with puredata
    is there any paper that describes the algorithm you use to build the waveform ? because I really want the same, I love it :-)