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Jan 2016
Steve B
Jan 12 2016 10:07
@rkotze you can have as many contexts as you need. Haven't put a lot of work in to this side of things yet.
Usage is mix --context "features/alternate_context.exs"
alternatively if this is about dividing code up in to smaller chunks you can import sub contexts in to a main one:
I've never seen one context per feature used. Normally each context is something like: api-context, domain-context, web-context
Richard Kotze (mobile)
Jan 12 2016 12:08
@meadsteve maybe context is not the thing I want but that way I've worked with e2e there is a feature file and corresponding step_definition file
Richard Kotze (mobile)
Jan 12 2016 12:18
Do you think we can incorporate it into your framework?