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Jan 2016
Steve B
Jan 17 2016 08:57
@rkotze my main reason for not having this is the default is I think it may encourage bad practise. One of the benefits of this kind of testing is a shared language can be developed. If each feature file has its own context then it'll be much easier to miss steps that are basically the same but phrased differently.
I've got nothing against one context per feature but I want this to be created when the need arrises rather than being the default
Richard Kotze (mobile)
Jan 17 2016 13:24
I like suites idea but I'd prefer to have a feature context per feature as I think this provides a better developer experience - Would you be willing to use a config to allow the team to choose between Suites, MapFeatureToContext and DefaultContext? I guess maybe default would be either default or suites but they would actively have to choose MapFeatureToContext/