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Repo info
    Robert Fleischmann
    I like the logo
    Maximilian Heinz
    Just the logo? ^^
    Maximilian Heinz
    I will print some stickers at moo.com
    If you want, I could send you one :-)
    Bogdan Chadkin
    Hello, again! Why you do not use function declaration with hoisting?
    Bogdan Chadkin
    Opened two issues. Can make PR. Need to discuss.
    In my opinion both is ok, even if you find everywhere recommendations to use function expressions instead of function declarations.
    So in lory we use expressions, and personally I use everywhere expressions but for me both is ok, if I contribute to another project where declarations are used I also will use declarations.
    Bogdan Chadkin
    @meandmax Thanks,
    Baptiste Rios
    @meandmax Hello, I can't figure how to determine if I'm on the last slide after on "after.lory.slide" event. The problem is that my Slider is responsive and the amount of visible slides changes (mobile: 1, tablet: 2, desktop: 3) Could you help me please ?
    Ricard Fredin
    @baptooo Before you initialize the slider you save the length of the slider to a variable, then in the after.lory.slide event you compare that first variable to event.detail.currentSlide.
    Fredrik Andersson
    Hey, I've used your exact guide, but I can't get the Next and Previous controls to work?
    @meandmax Hi man! First of all, thank you for Lory - beautiful and super-smooth tool!
    Second - are you, by any chance, planning on include a feature for vertical scroll too?
    Hey there!
    Just like a lot of people other people - I want to say thank you!
    Great resource - I was about to develop my own ES6 carousel/slider
    then I found lory
    I want to contribute - so I'll be picking up different open issues
    @fabs Make an issue and tag it as an enhancement - perhaps I'll explore that ^^
    Oh wait!
    Too late @fabs
    The answer is - perhaps :D
    Benji Bilheimer
    If anyone may be around, I'm wondering if there's any ideas for a temp fix to using infinite: true, and rewindOnResize: false at the same time. It's currently quite buggy, you can see updates here: meandmax/lory#433
    I've weird issue :/ Slides goes to next one few times, and then gets stuck :/
    Calling .next directly on slider doesnt work either :/
    share some code/fiddle please
    Figured it out. Had to specify number of on-screen slides :|
    thanks anyway
    Fernando Sangenetto
    Hello guys, can anyone help me to instantiate multiple lory sliders in one page?